184: If Mothers Ruled The World: Embracing Our Collective Power to Create a More Sacred World

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If Mothers Ruled The World: Embracing Our Collective Power to Create a More Sacred World


I titled this episode of Feminine Power Time: “If Mothers Ruled The World: Embracing Our Collective Power to Create a More Sacred World” with the intention for it to be center point we could stand in, together, to look at what is happening in the world – that is so not honoring the sacredness of life, of women, of children and really of humanity.

I offer this as an invitation for us to take a step out of the ideals, politics, ideology and polarizing forces that have kept us stuck in a reality that keeps humans fighting against each other, vs. coming together as human beings, living on a living planet, to focus our power, wisdom and resources on creating a ‘sacred world’ — sacred meaning “Devoted to wholeness, with respect, without violence to the self or others.”

One is when we stop asserting our power and beliefs over one another.

In wisdom traditions, we are taught not to defend our position or have all the answers. 

We are taught that when things seem insane, when we don’t like what we see, to step back, to elevate so we can see the whole, to make an inquiry and then sit with it. And we wait for wisdom, which often comes in the form of an inquiry to arise. This inquiry opens the portal to a way to see things differently.

The inquiry I received was “What if Mothers Ruled the World?”  Which doesn’t only include people who give birth to human children.

Wisdom also teaches us how to speak from both fierceness and through grace. To create a field that connects and opens. Which was my intention.

Tune in. Bring an open mind and open heart. Take in what resonates. Leave what doesn’t. Most of all, I am inviting us to open up our imaginations. To see through our wise eyes. To see the reality playing on the world stage.  To see and speak what could be.

See you there,

In devotion to love,





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