#102: Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You

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102: Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You

Feminine Power Time Episode #102

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I’ve been talking with so many people who have been feeling the affects of the intensity of the state of the world, the intense weather, their own intense changing lives… and there is a lot of anxiety bubbling up that leads to doubt, confusion, burnout, overwhelm. So I thought we needed to have a honest heart to heart about:

Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You

* How do you know if anxiety and doubt is driving you? Some of you know because you can feel it in your body. But others of you are masking over it. Stuffing your anxiety and doubt with food, drink, tv, shopping, work? Neither way is good for us.

* What is causing the anxiety and doubt at amplified levels that you might not know are affecting you? It is normal to have fear. Normal to feel worry or anxiety at times. But the levels we are dealing with right now, adding to the overwhelm, are being caused in large part by events, technology and other people.

* What is underneath the anxiety that you may be having trouble accessing, so it keeps you in overwhelm, worry, doubt, confusion? I’ll share a story of mine that reflects the deep grief many women feel at a heart level for what is happening to the planet, to the children, to the people that they don’t know how to be with or release.

* How do you release this anxiety and doubt? So you can access clarity and calm and wisdom? I’ll share some simple but mighty practices you can use in your daily life to release the anxiety and breakthrough to clarity and calm. I use these myself.

I’ve been feeling so passionate about sharing this story with you and some of the practices I use myself.

We live in intense times. If you are not practicing actively protecting your energy field, releasing the deeper grief or fear, it’s like not taking a shower for weeks. Eventually your mind and subconscious will stink and your will be an emotional or physical mess. This is yogic wisdom for our modern world.

My role is to continue to help us be awake to what is happening around and within us. And to share the practices that can keep us centered, clear, in our hearts and higher intelligence to be agents for change, love, elevation and harmony in this world. In sustainable ways.

I hope this episode of Feminine Power Time – Ep #102: Anxiety & Doubt: How to Release and Reduce the Confusion & Swirl Within You – supports you wherever this finds you today.

with great heart,



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