Why Women Hide or Hold Back – 3 Reasons Women Avoid Stepping Forward to Be More Visible and Seen

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Why Women Hide or Hold Back – There are Real Reasons We Shrink from our Feminine Power & Powerful Presence

Why is it that we hide and hold back? When our inner wisdom whispers, or screams, at us to step forward, be more visible, speak up, be a force for change, give our great work, be seen in new ways that can feel vulnerable… why can even the most courageous confident woman hold back, procrastinate, distract herself with busyness, and any other of a myriad of strategies we employ that keeps us smaller than we are and less seen that we need to be?

Why are we seeing women who have remained silent for years after being assaulted, harrassed, or discriminated against finally feeling like they can step forward and tell the truth?

How can we believe in our feminine power, feel powerful in many ways, yet hold back from speaking up or stepping out?

There are real reasons we distract and sabotage ourselves from stepping out and giving our sacred work in new ways, speaking our truth or wisdom or making an offering that feels vulnerable or risky.

There are real reasons strong women choose silence over speaking up and out. Or putting themselves out there as voices of wisdom and another way to live and operate. 

And there ways we can support each other – men and women – to step out now at a time when the world needs our voice, our story, our wisdom and are innate power to gather other women together to make powerful shift happen. And to do so with compassion and courage, supported and seen, to be part of the elevation of this world into a more sane, sustainable, sacred, loving place.


When women come together in sisterhood, not to fight against something,
but to stand for something, our courage rises,
we stop hiding & holding back
and big shift happens.



And in this Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo, with a special guest, open up a provoking conversation to explore what keeps women from stepping forward to be more visible and seen, including:

  • Illuminate the reasons behind why women hide and hold back that most people don’t talk about – but would serve all women to know.
  • Feminine Fear – what it is, how it works and how the collective fear of women being persecuted for being powerful and having wisdom still affects us today
  • How we stop ourselves from putting our work, thoughts, offerings out there because we short circuit ourselves … and yogic and feminine wisdom to just get started, even if it’s not perfect.
  • Why we shrink from our feminine power and powerful presence and what we need to step forward with courage and wisdom.
  • The new model for creating and making our offerings and doing our sacred work in the world that requires us to stop isolating and start creating in collaboration.


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The time is now to gather women together so they feel the support around them to step forward and out as the courageous forces of change and compassion they are 

There is a fire in the heart of many women at this time to gather others together – through the programs they offer, the circles they call, the informal and formal ways they gather with their colleagues at work or with the women in their communities… and if you are one of those women… called to hold space for others or gather others to create connection and transformation, the 2017 Art of Sacred Circle Creative Incubator and Circle Training starts Nov 9th.

Create and birth your next offering, program, circle, in sisterhood, with other wise women who dare to step forward to make shift happen. www.ArtofSacredCircle.com


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Sacred Circle 6 Cover with Dates 

The time is now to gather others together.
As the Hopi Elders said
“The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather Yourselves. This could be a good time.”

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