What Sustains Your Radiance?

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Feminine Power Time:
What Sustains Your Radiance?

What is Radiance? And how can cultivating our own inner radiance support us in Staying Light amidst the swirl and chaos of the present time?

In this episode, Christine and Jennifer discuss the importance of restoring your radiance as a way of Staying Light through transformational times. They explore both the mystical and material realms of radiance, and share simple yet mighty practices that can support you to restore your radiance levels to be bright and vibrant, and then keep that brightness and lightness strong, growing and glowing for the rest of this year.

You will learn:

  • What is Radiance and why it matters.
  • How Radiance dictates your health, relationships, ability to attract and receive opportunities, intuition, and overall mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • The difference between life force and Radiance, and where Radiance lives in your body.
  • Creative processes to reveal practical wisdom that you can apply to how you structure your life and make choices during the upcoming months – all with the intention of sustaining your Radiance.

Between now and the next episode, Christine and Jennifer invite you to contemplate the inquiry: What Sustains My Radiance?

As leaders, change makers, and beings daring to do things differently to create a better and more beautiful world, we need to Stay Light, even in – especially in – the face of challenge and chaos. It’s HOW we lead and live through this time. Join us!

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What Sustains Your Radiance?

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  • Remember to SHARE this podcast episode with at least one friend or colleague. Then conversate on what sustains your radiance.

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