Below is a list of resources we shared during the retreat. If you recall any resources that are not listed below, please email Stacey at and we’ll be happy to find and post them here.


The intention of this potion which we used throughout the weekend is to be an alchemical sense-opening, wisdom awakening, intuition amplifying, focus enhancing, harmonizing elixir that supports and guides you to PROSPER in all that you are growing and receiving. Use in your daily morning practice, on your feet before you go to sleep. PROSPER = To Thrive. To Flourish.  $22.00

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  • Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo – for tuning in at the start of your practice (in your booklet)
  • Aad Guray Namay – for Magnetic Field Strengthening (in your booklet)
  • Sat Nam – seed mantra meaning I am Truth.

* For translations of mantras you can consult the Mantrapedia on the Spirit Voyage website –

** For Aad Guray Namay – you can do the meditation with Jai Jagadeesh


Christine taped some videos to support you in three of the practices – the Daily Receiving Practice, the Energize Series and Sat Kriya.

1. Daily Receiving Practice

2. Energize Series

3. Sat Kriya with Full Instruction

4. Sat Kriya (without Instruction)


Feminine Power Time

Christine has been recording and offering her Feminine Power Time podcast for over a year – so make sure to subscribe on ITUNES or Stitcher or whatever app you use on your mobile device or Ipad to subscribe. New episodes are released on Thursdays … an evening that Christine has traditionally kept as Divine Date Nights 🙂

Podcasts to Start With…

Recharge Rituals: The Feminine Power of Daily Downshifting

The Lie About Time – Why It’s Killing Us + What Feminine Wisdom Says to Do Instead

Feminine Super Power Year

Remember how to live, lead  and succeed, the feminine way… focused on what matters, guided by your feminine intuition & wisdom,  fueled by the courage, compassion,  and clarity from within. Join a circle of women around the world who are practicing how to live and lead the feminine way. You do this from your home so anyone in the world can join.

Enrollment will Reopen in December.

To learn more about Feminine Super Power Year, click here.

Working with Christine

Christine works with a handful of women a year on a 1:1 basis. Known as women’s empowerment and feminine leadership advisor and a spiritual catalyst who bridges the world of the mystic and spiritual with the material masterfully. Traditionally trained as an MBA, whose worked in strategy, marketing, leadership and human resources across sectors, as well as a social impact entrepreneur for over a decade, and deeply steeped in feminine, yogic, sacred feminine and indigneous wisdom, she blends these together to guide and support women to elevate their leadership presence, power and purpose as well as the organizations they lead within.


In the fall, she opens up space for women leaders who desire to lead and live differently, and are ready and willing to make shift happen, both in their life and in who, what and how they lead in their sacred work. It’s called ELEVATE. For more information, reach out to Christine directly at

Working with Stacey

Grounded in self love and feminine wisdom, Stacey mentors women who are ready to courageously create the life they desire (even in the face of fear, uncertainty and the unknown).


Stacey is opening up space for women who are wanting to slow down, connect with their inner wisdom, listen to their heart-knowing, and live in more alignment with their heart and soul.  For more information, reach out to Stacey directly at

Now that we are connected, I look forward to sending you weekly Wisdom Letters  that support you to lead and live differently, courageous and compassionate in your heart, attuned in your soul to Wisdom, living your path with self-love and fierce feminine power and grace.








Feminine Leadership Advisor, Wisdom Teacher, MBA

P.S. Photo

What a circle of wise women we were!  CLICK HERE to download the photo from our retreat.

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