Recharge Rituals: the Feminine Power of “Daily Downshifting” – Episode #8

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Recharge Rituals: The Feminine Power of Daily Downshifting – you’ll love this new way of ending your day, hours before you ever climb into bed

Daily, your body needs to recharge. Your mind needs to rest. Your spirit to restore. But 8 hours of sleep a night won’t do it. The yogis have known for thousands of years that it’s the KIND OF sleep and rest you get that matters – you need DEEP rest to recharge. But most of us never get there because the habits and rituals we have the 4 hours before we go to sleep don’t give us the space, time and rhythm we need to what’s called in feminine wisdom ‘DOWNSHIFT’.

Instead we run ourselves like cars that just keep revving up, or downshift just one gear and then upshift again, so by the time we hit the hay, we spend hours downshifting and detoxing when we need to be recharging & restoring.

In this Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo shares a new way to think about how you wind down your day – Daily Downshifting. Rather than waiting to an hour before bed, Arylo shares the 3 phases of daily downshifting, which begin hours before bedtime, by signaling to your body and mind that it’s time to start winding down work to nourish your body.  And after you nourish your body, there is another downshift, by disconnecting from technology and the outside world and being mindful of what you put into your body, mind, and heart in these precious hours. And then an hour before bed, you downshift again (with some rituals that set you up for amazing rest and recharge, you’ll love these!)

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In this Feminine Power Time you’ll gain ancient wisdom modified for your modern life, including:

  • Wisdom about why daily recharging isn’t just about sleep
  • Habits that start as early as 5pm that wreck your rest –  Why watching reality TV, scary movies or flipping through emails even 3 hours before bed wrecks your rest, and leaks into your next day.
  • How to create a downshifting pattern using the 3 Daily Downshifting stages for your daily life that allows you to complete work & family activities in a way that nourishes you and sets you up for amazing rest.
  • “Secret” yogi techniques for preparing your body, mind and spirit for rest – including how to clear your monkey glands, open your spirit and calm your mind
  • Personal meditation to see how you can put these downshifting rituals to use in your life – with yourself and those you live with


Daily downshifting is one part of creating more harmony and vitality in your every day – it’s a super power tool for avoiding burnout and overwhelm. These practices were developed and shared as part of the 40 Day Burnout to Balance Super Power Practice: Creating a more Sustainable, Supportive Rhythm to Your Life.  40-Day Practices, the yogis and scientists agree can break sabotaging patterns and habits that exist in your subconscious and internal operating system – as they shift and elevate you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

For more on the 40 Day Power Practice, which has been taken by women and men around the world, click here

a 40 day super power practice burn out to balance


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