new Super Power 500x500In this kit you will receive tips and insight on how to shift over giving to receiving for the busy super women.

A self-compassion meditation + a podcast on Receiving and Over Giving where I will show YOU how to activate two Feminine Super Powers.

The Feminine Super Power of Receiving &
the Feminine Super Power of Compassion.
Goodbye Overwork & Overwhelm
Hello Grace & Space!!

1. Read and Digest this Harmonize Your Daily Morning eBook with practices and inquires to deepen your receiving.

Click here to download your Harmonize Practices

Wise Women Replenish Themselves

2. How Are You Blocking Receiving & OverGiving?

Tune into my Podcast from a 3 part series called: Are you OVERgiving and Under Receiving from Overwhelmed & Over It Series.

are you overgiving and under receiving

And then read this blog post and identify your biggest blocks and what one quality of Receiving you can start activating now.
Are you Over-giving? Being Over-responsible? Future Tripping? Or… Click here to find out.



Reveal which of the 13 OVERgiving Imprints are driving you to make choices in your work and relationships that drain and deplete you instead of sustain and support you.


3. Give Yourself A Break … Give Yourself Some Compassion

And for those times when you are being hard on yourself, putting pressure on yourself, feeling like you are not doing a good enough job… activate the compassion by tuning into this meditation I taped from my heart to yours…


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