Welcome to our Wisdom Session: Perspectives + Practices for Staying Centered + Clear Now & in the Months To Come.

Tune in to learn 3 wisdom perspectives + 3 practices + 3 inquiries to help you stay focused on what matters, keep your radiance & life force strong, rise to meet both the challenges & opportunities and stay centered, sustained & connected … even as the world does what it does.

Enclosed on this page you’ll find: 

    1. Wisdom Session Video Recording – Christine walks you through the Wisdom Session + Tune into the Stay Light Podcast Series
    2. Glyphs from the Session focused on retaining your radiance and your life force. 
    3. Upcoming Trainings, Gatherings & Programs – Gather and Guide Your People, Feminine Wisdom Way, Emerge Visioning and Year End Reflection Ritual

ONE: Session Recording

To listen to the audio recording of the session, go here

Also, I invite you to check out my Stay Light Podcast series.

It’s focused on going beyond self care, to learn how to retain, restore and protect your Radiance, which is your light. This series takes you into the roots of what supports and sustains your wellbeing, intuition, energy and longetivity.

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TWO: Intuitive Inquiry + Visual Thinking

During this wisdom session, I introduced 3 perspectives + 3 practices for staying centered, clear and focused on what matters.

Below we’ve included some slides from the session.


1. Taking it all on vs. Focusing on Your Part

Recognize the 3 headed person on the left? Living this way, you fragment and dissipate your life force and radiance and leak your light. In the reality on the right, you just stay focused on your part and everyone else does the same. We each know our part, value our part, and embrace that our part is enough.

I gave you some inquiries during the session, including “What is my part now and next?” What is NOT my part any longer?”

This Glyph is from page 288 of my newest book,
Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

You can learn more and order your copy at www.overwhelmedandoverit.com.


2. The Radiance Wheel

Use the inquiries I gave you in the session and in the stay light podcast series to identify 4-7 things that sustain and support your radiance and then build them into the structure of your days, weeks and months.

Below is an example of mine. Get creative and make your own!

THREE: Upcoming Events, Retreats, Programs, and Trainings


Learn, practice, and apply feminine wisdom to your personal and professional life that empowers you to do things differently. The HOW we create sustainable success, stop the burnout cycles and co-create a new world. Two levels of participation. Structure + Sisterhood = Super Power. Learn more below.

If you would love to learn a different way to work, create, and operate… to be successful in creating the impact you desire in the world, in creating the career/work that both lights you up and sustains you, and having a WHOLE LIFE as a woman – join us and learn the feminine wisdom way. It’s the way we women work best, but were never taught in our traditional training or education.

When you harmonize your work, projects, relationships and life force with the natural cycles, everything gets into the flow. This isn’t just a program, it’s a structure, a base of deep wisdom made practical to your daily life and how we naturally grow our work in the world, our relationships, and stay healthy in body and spirit.

People often ask me, “How do I connect with my inner wisdom? How do I trust it? How do I make bold choices that are also wise?” This is the how.

There is a lot to say – so I put it into an invitation. Take a look and if your inner wisdom is even a maybe, join us!

Enrollment will open up very soon! To receive the invitation when it’s ready, click below. 


TRAINING + COUNCIL + INCUBATOR: Gather and Guide Your People

A Leadership & Transformational Program Design Training, Creative Incubator, and Collaborative Council for people who do or desire to create meaningful experiences – workshops, programs, classes, trainings, circles, events, retreats – online and in person – that lead to real connection & lasting transformation… AND sustain you.

Starts Nov 20th. Happens only every other year. Learn More + Access Invitation below.

December Year End Power Pause + Reflection Ritual

Join us on Dec. 18th at 11:33 am PT | 2:33 pm ET to Complete Your Year Feeling Calm, Proud & Peaceful and Ready to Begin 2023 Clear, Ready & Wise.

Give yourself space to reflect & acknowledge what you’ve accomplished & the ways you’ve made a difference – it’s so much more than you think. Experience a simple process that supports you to release the year that has been… reset your mind, body, heart and spirit…so you can start 2023 ready clear and empowered. Request the invitation at www.reflectionritual.com

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