Welcome to our Wisdom Session: Overcoming Overwhelm

Tune in to explore models, wisdom, and practices that illuminate new ways of showing up for the people, the planet, & the purposes and causes we care about. In ways that empower us to stay sustained & supported ourselves.

Enclosed on this page you’ll find: 

    1. Wisdom Session Video Recording – Christine walks you through the Wisdom Session
    2. Glyphs from the Session + A Harmonizing Practice to Invite into your Daily Life and Inquiries to Support you to Stay Focused on What Matters 
    3. Upcoming Events, Retreats, and Programs – Live, Lead, Succeed the Way Women Work Best LO

ONE: Session Recording

To listen to the audio recording of the session, go here

Also, I invite you to check out this podcast episode.

Overworked and Over It: Transforming Tight Time Constraints & Toxic Time Pressure
(This is part 2 of 3 in my Overworked and Over It Series)

Tune in anytime that works for you here.

TWO: Intuitive Inquiry + Visual Thinking

Below are two glyphs that we worked with during the session. 

  1.  On the left, living the way of the 3-headed overwhelmed woman, you fragment your focus and life force, leak your power and lessen your impact. On the right, is the reality where if you just do your part, and other wise-women stay focused on theirs, then together, we weave and create a new way, new world, new organizations, systems, and reality where we each know and value our part and embrace that our part is enough.

2. A Harmonizing Practice to try either during your morning practice or as a part of your downshifting practice in the evenings. Close your eyes, and ask yourself these two questions. And whatever answer comes for what you need to receive today, give that to yourself.

You can learn more and find these glyphs in my book
Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

Order your copy at www.overwhelmedandoverit.com.


And here are four inquiries for you to moodle and journal on to keep you focused on what matters from now into June Solstice and into the rest of 2022.

THREE: Upcoming Events, Retreats, Programs, and Training

Overwhelmed and Over It – A Path to Sustainable Success 



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