Christine Arylo Speaking

“If you are going to be a happy and healthy woman in today’s world, dealing with the pressures and responsibilities you face every day, you’ve got to learn to “DO” your life differently.

No weekly yoga class or day-planning system is going to get you out of this unsustainable lifestyle. You need your Feminine Super Powers. It’s time to take the pressure off yourself to have to do, be and have it all, and give yourself permission to make the choices that align with what makes your heart and soul happy and healthy, no matter what.”

Christine is an inspirational speaker for women audiences and has been invited to speak at a variety of women’s events and to a variety of women’s groups including women’s conferences, corporate environments, women and girls non-profits, retreats, women’s associations, women’s MBA, sorority and alumni groups, business schools and TedX.

She is an ideal keynote inspirational speaker for women, panelist and/or breakout session facilitator. She can craft and deliver for your group powerful keynotes, half day sessions or breakout sessions for your event. Christine also offers personalized webinars and videocasts for women’s organizations of all sizes – from non profits, to national sororities, to internal corporate teams and more.  

She is also a powerful resource for your leadership teams – teams leading organizations that serve women and girls or all-women leadership teams. Christine can collaborate with you on your programs, deepen your team’s understanding on the unique challenges women and girls face today in regards to self-love, self-worth, unsustainable lifestyles, and the pressures unrealistic expectations are creating. She can also facilitate breakthrough sessions for your all-women leadership teams to collaborate and perform better, and in a more powerful feminine model.

To connect with Christine and discuss what your group and event needs, or to talk about Christine coming to speak with your leadership team contact us at

Following are some of the most popular topics, and Christine will work with you to customize to the needs of your group.


Super Powers for Transforming Stress & Pressure into Balance & Personal Power  

In today’s busy world where you are expected to multi-task in ways that even super woman couldn’t handle, it’s easy to fall into a hectic rhythm where your life begins to run you. Unable to push, hold it together or make it happen anymore, women are overworked, overwhelmed and over it! This pressure-filled unsustainable lifestyle isn’t just a passing phase we can slough off, it’s costing us our happiness and health:

  • 1 in 4 women will die of heart disease
  • 70% of all disease is stress related
  • Twice as many women as men are on anti-depressants
  • Women today have more rights and freedoms, but less happiness than their counterparts in the 1970s

As a self-admitted recovering achievement junkie and doing addict, Christine helps women find a new equation for professional success and personal happiness – so they can create meaningful and sustainable lives, taking care of what and who they love – without the pressure, and without sacrificing their own health and needs. Christine, who has extensive experience in yogic and meditation technology as well as divine feminine wisdom for increasing vitality and decreasing stress, shares the reasons WHY we drive ourselves so hard, revealing to women their “internal operating system” that makes it almost impossible to make choices that align with your happiness and health. People leave with simple but mighty practices to:

  • Stop the exhaustion pattern with a 3 minute daily practice
  • Transform stress in the body to harmony in 11 minutes
  • Rewire the self sabotaging “OVER” habits – over-working, over-giving,over-doing and more.
  • Identify self-created stress vs system-created stress and make internal shifts to change it

Christine Arylo speaking

“A wise, successful, and truly happy woman doesn’t live by or judge herself by other people’s standards, she attunes to the wisdom of her heart, and thinks and acts from the truth of her soul. This is not self-esteem, this is fierce self-love, unwavering self-worth and the courage to move out of what’s comfortable to embrace what’s possible.”


How to Tune into Your Inner Wisdom, Stay True to Yourself, & Take Leaps of Faith, Even When It Scares You or Seems Crazy 

Offering personal experiences and those of her courageous women clients, Christine is a powerful inspirational speaker for women who want to follow their hearts and inner wisdom, but waver in the face of fear, self doubt, conventional wisdom and responsibility. Whether that is making career decisions, making choices how to run their businesses, families or lives, or making choices outside of what is expected or what everyone else is doing, a woman’s intuition is one of her best allies for making choices that align with her truth. Stepping outside of conventional wisdom to follow the inner intuitive guidance she receives can be hard for many women because they haven’t been taught properly how to listen for it, decipher the messages, or how to trust something they can’t “see” with their eyes or “prove” rationally.

In this session, Christine Arylo, who is known and respected for her continual ability to follow her true soul path, even when it seemed crazy or uncertain, will share with women how to :

  • Tune into the 6 Channels of Intuition – and guide women to learn which channels their Inner Wisdom is strongest it
  • Decipher between the wise wisdom of their intuition and the sabotaging guidance of fear, magical thinking, and the inner critic
  •  Create a stronger connection to this internal guidance system so that when they have big decisions to make they can access it
  • Transform self doubt, uncertainty, and fear into confidence and faith when making choices – big or small – for themselves, their families, or their businesses – they make the best choices for themselves, which may look totally different than other people’s choices

Christine is an expert in Intuitive Leadership for Life & Business as she’s used it again and again to follow her inner wisdom instead of conventional wisdom, and as a result inspires other to trust themselves, deeply. She’s been living this way for over 15 years, starting with her first leap of faith, 6 months before graduating one of the top business schools in the country, Christine realized she didn’t want to be a management consultant, marry her high school sweetheart, and live life like everyone around her. In the midst of a personal breakdown which became a spiritual breakthrough, Christine made a promise to herself that she would never again settle for less than her heart and soul desired, which meant creating a life that fed her soul, even if that meant leaving behind the security of relationships, 401Ks and the homes/cars/physical stuff she had worked so hard to achieve.

In the last decade, the choice to keep that one promise – one of deep self-love and faith – has led Christine to living HER dreams, free from the limitations she, and others, had set on her. From moving across the country to California without a job, to getting her dream job in fashion and marrying her soul partner, to leaving dream job to lead a dream life of teaching, speaking, and writing books, traveling the world (literally, selling her home and a car to live and work around the world)… and most of all to create a lifestyle that generates true success based on the true wealth equation –


Christine Arylo Speaking

“You cannot do and have everything. You cannot be everything to everyone. You have to make choices. And it’s best to make choices guided by your own inner wisdom, based on what you most value.

Most women have no clue that their choices are driven by the fear, guilt and doubt of their INNER Mean Girls, female inner critics, that create lives that sabotage you or keep you small instead of support your deepest heart’s desires. When a woman learns to tap into her innate Feminine Power of Intuition, learns to cultivate a relationship with her inner wise woman, she builds strong inner muscles of self trust, faith and courage that allow her to courageously make the choices for herself, her family and her business that align with her truth, regardless of fear, uncertainty or other people’s opinions. That’s super power!


Imagine what you could accomplish if you could transform the negative voices in your head 

Inside of every woman’s head is a voice that rants (far too often) thoughts like, “You are a failure,” “You’re fat. You’re dumb. You’re ugly,” and “You’ll never be able to do it, so don’t even try.” This is the voice of your INNER mean girl. She applies tons of pressure to be perfect, to achieve more, and to do it better than every one else. And she loves to compare your worst to everyone else’s best, so you lose every time. Women have very specific kinds of inner critics – Achievement Junkies, Doing Addicts, Good Girls, and when they can identify their type they can control her vs the other way around. Christine has served over 3O,000 women on 6 continents to show them how to turn down the volume on the self sabotaging inner mean girl and turn up the volume on their inner wisdom, so they can make better decisions, feel better and be happier. This interactive and eye opening experience with Christine as an inspirational speaker for women has been called “powerful and fun.”


Transforming Comparison, Competition, & Criticism into Powerful, Supportive, Female Relationships 

A woman’s need for female companionship and sisterhood is primal, ancient and essential to her personal happiness and professional success. And while we’ve come along way in our rights as women, our feminine relationship shadows – comparison, competition, cattiness, gossip, cliques – are still very present. These shadows, left in the dark, silently keep us from tapping into the full power of one our most potent tools as women – sacred sisterhood. Through this introspective and honest conversation among women participants, we face the dark side of feminine relationship and elevate ourselves to a new model for female partnership and connection – one based on collaboration instead of competition, compassion instead of criticism, invitation instead of isolation, celebration instead of comparison. This is a great session for women’s organizations, women’s entrepreneur groups, women run non profits and leadership team.

Additional Topics For Women’s Leadership Teams & Women’s Groups

  • From Super Woman to Sustainable Woman. Taking the pressure off to do, be and have it all and create more sustainable, supportive lifestyles. Women leaders give so much to everyone else it can seem impossible to take care of ourselves. But if we don’t fill our own wells, we can’t have the impact we want. Welcome to the third wave of feminism – how do we have it all, do what what we love, without killing ourselves in the process?
  • The Self-Esteem Trap. Confidence without Compassion makes you Crabby, Critical and Stressed Out. Self-esteem is only 1/10th of the equation, so while we may all know we can do it all, the pressure to have it all is too much. The solution to our unsustainable lifestyles which we live and teach our daughters, can only change if we expand our focus to include self-compassion, self-pleasure, self-worth and all other key branches of true self-love.
  • Mean Girls At Work. Creating Teams Where Women Collaborate, Connect and Thrive instead of Compete, Compare and Survive. How do we get the comparison, gossip, scarcity and fear out of our women leaders? And tap into the power of women working together, without the masks, the posturing or the pressure?
  • Passion Burnout. Love What You Do, But Don’t Forget to Love and Take Care of YOU Too! When you love what you do, it can be too easy to give everything away, and end up depleted, exhausted, or worse sick. How can you create a culture and a reality for your team and organization that has more impact, with less stress, and pressure on your team, and yourself?
  • Worthy Marketing. Selling in Ways that Support a Woman’s Worth. What if our marketplace could prosper more with images, marketing and products that supported women and girl’s? It can. And it’s up to us to change this and prove it .

To connect with Christine and discuss what your group and event needs, contact Sarah at

A Sample of Past Speaking Venues

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“Two words… Christine Rocks! She delivers a great message, speaks from the heart, and makes it real so that everyone can relate. Christine has an amazing sense of energy and a presence that is contagious.“
– Jean Kolb, Kohler Inc.

“Your very inspiring, real and relevant talk on ‘Overworked, Overwhelmed and Over it!’ really struck a cord. Thank you for delivering such a powerful keynote for our event at the Qualcomm Center in San Diego. You had the men and the women in the audience intrigued, inspired and in ACTION! I am still getting calls from the people who were there – telling me what a huge difference you made in their lives!”
– Terrie Sulpthin, Event Manager

“She spoke dead on to the issues people with pressure filled lives today face and offered innovative, creative solutions. Christine Arylo is what a “motivational speaker” should be, truly motivational.”
Gina Marotta, Executive Director, Step Up Women’s Network

“Christine really understands what it’s like to have the pressure to do and be it all.” Whether it’s dealing with or even embracing aspects of life in corporate America or managing your natural tendency to want to be everything to everyone all at once, Christine can help you appreciate where you are today without giving up on where you want to be tomorrow.”
– Ana Perez, General Electric & Kellogg Women’s Association

“Thank you for bringing your wonderful talents to the Kellogg and Wharton Women of the Bay Area! “After last week’s workshop, I’m spending more time celebrating, recognizing and acknowledging my hard work and achievements. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to pause and recognize my accomplishments.”
– Sarah Roach, Chair, Kellogg Women’s Alumni Bay Area

“Christine speaks from firsthand experience of being in Corporate America and understands the demands women face in our quest to live richer, more meaningful lives.” Her knowledge, life experiences and tools for taking time to slow down and bring more tranquility into your life was a very powerful message.
Nancy Michaels, Director of Business Development for Skyline Construction

Christine Arylo Speaking

“As leaders we have a unique ability to change the systems that are at the root of why we as individuals never feel like we do enough, have enough or are enough. As the Hopi Elders said, We are the ones that we have been waiting for.

We created this crazy marketplace and world that drives us all to do and be more, always pursuing instead of having happiness. We made the marketing machine that is always pointing out how we aren’t quite good enough, yet. And so we can change it. But the first place that change must start, is inside
of ourselves.”

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