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“Young women face tremendous pressure to do, be and have it all – facing not only the pressures ahead once they graduate, but the pressures they face everyday to achieve and excel, and so drive themselves way too hard to be perfect, to be better, to have it all figured out.

Things that destroy a woman’s self-worth like – perfectionism, comparison, lack of self-compassion, judging ourselves against unrealistic expectations, choosing the wrong relationships – can be transformed through sisterhood, feminine wisdom and simple but mighty self-love practices.”

Christine is an ideal speaker for college audiences and has been invited to speak at a variety of events both on and off campus, including sororities and conferences, alumni gatherings, student affair sponsored events, and special student sponsored events.

She is an ideal keynote speaker, panelist and/or breakout session or workshop facilitator. Christine crafts and delivers customized presentations and sessions based on the needs and desires of your group and event.

Below are some popular topics that have worked well with college audiences and alumni groups. Contact Christine to talk more about what your group needs and how she can serve you. Email Melissa Bingham, Program Director at

  • Stop Being So Hard on Yourself. Turn Down the Volume on Your INNER Perfectionist, Good Girl, Doing Addict and Achievement Junkie, and Turn UP the Voice of Your Inner Wise Wisdom.
  • The Self-Esteem Trap. Confidence without Compassion Makes You Unhappy, no Matter How Much You Achieve.
  • Be Smart in Love. How to be a Wise Woman in Your Dating Life as well as your Academic Life.
  • Know Your Worth. Trade in the Pressure to Do, Be and Have It All for the Super Power of Self-Love
  • Sister Love. How to Collaborate, Connect and Thrive instead of Compete, Compare and Survive with other women.

Christine Speaking on Being Smart in Love

A Sample of Past Speaking Venues

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The students were extremely inspired. In fact, Christine received positive evaluations from all participants. Her lively spirit, engaging personality and unique presentation topic was enough to draw a larger than- expected audience to this event. I am impressed with Christine’s energy and ability to engage her audience in deep conversations about self-love. “I enthusiastically recommend Christine Arylo as a presenter and inspirational catalyst.”
– Neepa Parikh, Career Counselor, Mills College

I could literally see the impact of Christine’s presentation on the girl’s faces. “You helped us open up and re-evaluate our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. Your words really hit home and left a lasting impression.”
– Jessica Jacon, UCLA, Phi Sigma Rho

Christine truly is the “Queen of Self-Love”. Her energizing and warm spirit exudes what it means to love and to be happy. It inspired us to search within to find what makes us joyful and at peace, and how to focus on those things everyday.
– Elise Gilbert, NYU, Women of Excellence, Strength and Tenacity

Christine’s natural ability to connect with young women makes her a perfect speaker for Sorority and College girls. She changed our lives. The presentation was very modern and timely, making it something that our women could relate to. It was also bluntly honest, and triggered them to look deeper within themselves and face some of the self-destructive patterns they have. It was personal and by Christine sharing her story, it made the atmosphere comfortable and safe. Our women came into the workshop with low self-esteem and with little self- love and left feeling great about themselves and feeling confident.
– Azra Crnogorcevic, Kappa Delta

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