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Christine Arylo is a super-powered, and heart-felt guest who brings both her coporate smarts and spiritual wisdom to inspire and teach viewers, especially women and girls, how to do their life in a way that makes them happy, healthy and successful. Christine is a thought leader and expert on the topics of self-esteem, self-worth, relationships, and the pressure and stress 21st century women and girls face to have, do and be it all.

For Media Inquiries:
Kim Corbin at New World Library

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Tarja Sovay




Christine has been a podcaster herself for over four years and has been a featured guest on hundreds of radio and podcast shows across the world for over a decade, too many to list.

Here are a few samples:

  • The Lisa Garr Show
  • Hay House Radio
  • Conscious Talk with Rob Spears
  • Hip Tranquil Chick with Kimberly Wilson

If you are interested in having Christine on your show, reach out to Kim Corbin, Publicist New World Library at


Christine has been featured on hundreds of radio shows across the world, too many to list. Here are a few samples:

LIBRARY JOURNAL: Overwhelmed and Over It

Library Journal

Arylo aims her book at women who are trying to do it all, experiencing stress and burnout, and coming up short with the results and accolades they had hoped for. Arylo addresses the seven root causes of feeling overwhelmed, and emboldens readers to liberate their success, life force, heart, time, and power, offering tips under each category. Among her instructions for releasing a particular behavior and embracing another, the author advises staying focused on one’s own part rather than taking on more than one’s share. Sidebar self-assessments reflect on harmonizing practices and knowing oneself, offering insights into signals of burnout, and solutions for reversing course. Arylo provides mantras and self-talk phrases to help readers concentrate on self-care and put energy into high-priority goals.

VERDICT: Helpful for women willing to do some soul-searching to shift course and focus on what really matters 
to them.

Retailing Insight Magazine

“Unflinchingly affirms every woman’s right to love and care for herself first.”

insight logo

There’s a difference between liking yourself and loving yourself; there’s a difference between self-esteem and self-care. Transformational teacher Arylo has made a career out of teaching women what those differences are. With this book, she is asking women to replace the “Self-Sacrifice Handbook” which most of us keep on our bookshelf with a “Self-Love Handbook”. Carefully differentiating between self-love and narcissism, she fills the book with Self-Love Mantras, Me Moments, Love Truths, Honesty Hearings, Love Mirrors, Self-Love Checklists, Self-Care Rules, Self-Love Flash Cards, Magical Notebooks, Acts of Empowerment, Joy Centers, and permission to make Me Art — lots and lots of Me Art. The book unflinchingly affirms every woman’s right to love and care for herself first. Arylo makes the case with such enthusiasm and logic that, by the time the reader gets to the Forty Day Self-Love Practice protocol at the end of the book, it’s difficult not to sign on and give it a try. The slightly whimsical cover design will let customers know that the book is an invitation to have fun, rather than a demand for grueling self study. It will make a terrific gift for special women in your customers’ life.

Publishers Weekly

“Arylo is an enthusiastic mentor, offering plenty of creative tips for creating self-love.”

pw logo

Arylo’s (Choosing ME before WE) unabashedly positive, step-by-step workbook is designed to help women take the compassion, appreciation, and care one would lavish on a companion, and redirect it inward. The author rescues the notion of “self-love” from the reductive realms of masturbation, narcissism, and days at the spa, and presents it instead as a fruitful alternative to the incessant reprimands to sacrifice. Arylo is an enthusiastic mentor, and she offers plenty of creative tips for creating self-love, from going on a nice date (by yourself), working on a self-love–centered art project, and taking a love bath. For those made uncomfortable by the admonishment to “vigorously love-loofah yourself,” she also provides practical exercises, such as quizzes, suggestions for how to productively rephrase ideas of oneself, and inspiring affirmations and “love truths” to guide readers on their journey. Though couched in overwhelmingly saccharine language, Arylo’s warm, fun, and informative handbook contains deep truths.



Photos by the Fabulous Karen Christensen

Press Releases

To republish or contact Christine about writing an article for your publication, contact Sarah Mardell at


Christine Arylo is a transformational leadership advisor, social impact entrepreneur, four time best-selling author, and speaker working with women to make shift happen – in the lives they lead, the work they do and the worlds they live in.

Arylo combines her 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with 20+ years of wisdom study in feminine power, yogic science and human consciousness to guide others to lead their lives, businesses and relationships in a different way – professionally successful + internally empowered + and personally sustainable and satisfying.

Over 35,000 people on 6 continents have participated in her transformational programs and workshops. She is the host of the popular Feminine Power Time podcast.  Her teachings have been featured at TedX, on CBS. NBC and FOX, and on Thrive, Huffington Post, and more. She currently lives on island near Seattle.

Her new book is called Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

Learn more about Christine at and her Feminine Power Time Podcast at

CHRISTINE OFFERS SIMPLE BUT MIGHTY – AND FUN! – PRACTICES that are accessible to all ages and backgrounds as featured in her best-selling books, international retreats, workshops and lectures. She is a natural in front of the camera or in interview situations across multiple media channels.

She can work with your team on topics related to:

  • Feminine Leadership
  • Feminine Power
  • Balance, Burnout + Overwhelm
  • Stress for Women – the Roots + New Solutions
  • Creating a Culture that Supports Women Leaders to Thrive
  • Self esteem & Self worth
  • Self Criticism, Self-Doubt & Self compassion
  • Female Competition: Creating Stronger Collaboration & Connection Among Women
  • Virtual Living & Working – working and living from anywhere in the world
  • Entrepreneurial Couples Who Work Together

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For Media Inquiries:
Kim Corbin at New World Library

For Speaking Inquiries:
Tarja Sovay

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