Here is the place you can schedule
a 1:1 personal Stay Harmonized coaching session with me,
Christine Arylo.

You can use this session to receive mental and emotional support and space to gain clarity, get re-focused or re-balanced, move through resistance or overwhelm, and learn simple but significant tools and practices you can use to release stress and anxiety, cultivate resiliency and mental clarity, and make clear choices. Our session will get you harmonized on the inside – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Here’s the process to set up your session & get the most from it: 

* Schedule your 30-minute session using the button below.

* When you register, indicate if you want to connect via zoom or phone.

* You will receive a set of questions to answer and email to me before our session.

*Our sessions work best if you give yourself some space before and after.
So don’t schedule meeting right before or after.


click here to sign up for a session

Upon Registering, you will receive a confirmation via email with zoom or phone details.
If you don’t receive one, email me at christine@arylo.com
I look forward to connecting soon! 



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