1. A Recipe for your Daily Morning Flow 

I invite you to watch this video, which takes you through how to start your day in a way that will keep you more connected, clear, radiant and resilient.

It includes a short teaching about how to think about how you flow your morning. And then it includes a 3-part recipe for creating that flow: 1. SET. Rise.What you first ingest. 2. CONNECT. So you shine. The 4- four points of connection and 3. PROTECT. The points of protection. Don’t leave home without these!

NOTE: Increase the video to full screen for best viewing.

2. Booklet and Practice Card for printing

Here you can print out a PDF e-book about the Daily Self Care and Self Compassion Practice, as well as your Daily Practice Card for the Four Points of Connection.

3. Learn more about the Feminine Super Power of Receiving – Listen to this episode of Feminine Power Time:

I created and began this daily morning RECEIVING practice that takes less than 3 minutes every morning, and has been a self-care savior to me, and to the thousands of people I have shared it with.

It’s based on the feminine leadership principle of “Feeding the Feminine First” and the feminine super power of Receiving. This practice is from my podcast, Feminine Power Time, and I invite you to try it.

How to tune in: Listen on the player above OR… 

1. Subscribe on iTunes or Download from Stitcher

2. Download from your Podcast App. Search for Feminine Power Time.

This way you will receive the entire library and dive in.

3. Tune in here on my podcast page.

4.Try a simple but potent Kundalini Yoga Practice for Releasing Fear, Anxiety, Doubt and Confusion – Sat Kriya 

The Sat Kriya is one of the most powerful practices for keeping your emotional, energetic, mental and physical fields clear from the effects of fear and stress. This practice which takes only 5 minutes, is like a shower that cleanses you of anxiety, doubt, confusion, frustration, and fear. Kriya just means a set of actions.

I made this video for you to teach you the practice. I made these for my Feminine Wisdom School’s Feminine Super Power Year training. But you can follow right along.

And you can also get a print out of it in the handbook I made you.

The first video includes the full instruction. The second just the Kriya.

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