Your 5 Day Receiving Practice


Use this self-love super power tool every morning.

This self-love practice is one that I created and started using myself a few years ago, and it revolutionized my life. I hardly ever get exhausted. I rarely get sick. I know almost immediately when I am over-giving and need to adjust. And my energy stays vibrant and full – I give more than I ever have, without having to give myself away.

The key to this practice is to treat it as a self-love practice you do EVERY MORNING. It takes less than 3 minutes but it will make all the difference in your day and life.  The full instructions are below and you can also hear me describe it in this video.



STEP ONE: Love Start Your Day

My good friend Kristine Carlson, author of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series for women, always says, ‘How you start your day is how you live your day”… So get rid of the alarm clock and stop jumping out of bed in a rush before pausing to breathe and check in with yourself.

If you start your day in alarm, you start your day contracted and blocked off, you start in panic and that is no bueno. The best way to awake is naturally, but if you have to have something wake you up, choose a nice ring tone on your phone or replace your alarm clock with a CD player that plays loving music (I personally like awakening to Karen Drucker or Deva Premal).


STEP TWO:  Check Your Energy Tank

Receiving rule #1 and #2 – Always keep your energy tank at least half full. And never serve from your reserves. This means you have to know where your energy tank is – every morning. Close your eyes, put your hand on your belly, and ask your Inner Wisdom “How full is my energy tank today?” and ask for a number between 0 and 100 – with 100 being totally full and 0 being empty. The first number that comes is THE number, no cheating.

Here’s the scale – live by it:

STEP THREE:  Ask Your Inner Wisdom What You Need + Make Sure You Receive it That Day, No Matter What!

After you get your energy tank number, you want to now ask your Inner Wisdom the most important question you will likely ask all day:

“What do I need to receive today?” or just simply “What do I need today?”

Think about it, if you can’t ask for what you need, how can you expect anyone else to support you or even support yourself for that matter? Most of us end up in stress and overwhelm because we aren’t getting what we need, because our blueprint hasn’t been patterned to do so  – until now!

To access your Inner Wisdom, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and ask the question to yourself. Keep breathing until the answer comes. It may come in a word ,a sound, a picture, or a knowing. Whatever it says, you MUST make sure you receive that today. It can often be something simple like love, hugs, peace, a nap, a walk, a yoga class – it’s the simple but little things that make self-care happen and keep your energy tanks full. You don’t need to take off to Tahiti for 7 days or hire a personal chef to replenish. Whatever it tells you, listen, act and remember this all day long.

And if you haven’t been talking to your Inner Wisdom, it may at first not answer at all. That’s okay. Just make something up as your answer – something you want to receive that day. As you begin to show up for yourself, your Inner Wisdom will eventually start showing up for you.


During the day, to make sure that you RECEIVE what you need! In the moments you feel cranky, crabby, stressed, pressured, drained, tired, mad, guilty, etc, slow down, take a power pause, and remember what you need to receive and then give it to yourself. No matter what. Even if you think you can’t or don’t have time. This is part of the re-programming process. You have to make different choices, experience different results, and build trust to make new pathways inside you. 


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