Hello and Welcome to this Resource Library I Created for the Leaders I Work With.

What you will find below are some of the practices and resources I myself use and share with others such as yourself, so we can: stay centered and clear + retain our life force and radiance + tune into our intuition and clarity, + receive the restoration we need to be powerful, present, wise leaders and compassionate, caring humans.

Here’s what you will find (scroll to access what you are looking for):


1. Alternate Nostril Breathing for Balancing the Brain

2. Breath of Fire for Boosting Vitality + Re-Setting The Nervous System

3. 3 Practices to Reset Your Energy, Emotions and Habits + Keep Your Radiance Strong

4. Meditation – The 4 R’s of Connection for Creating a Strong Center Within, Even within the Chaos


RESOURCES – for Re-Setting,. Resting, Restoring and Regeneration

  1. SOUND: Playlists and Artists for relaxing the nervous system and restoring body/mind/heart/spirit


1. Alternate Nostril Breathing 

For balancing the left and right side of the brain, the intuition and the intellect, the creative and the logical. Also strengthens your neutral mind, which is the place we act and respond from conscious presence vs react.

NOTE: Increase the video to full screen for best viewing.


2. Breath of Fire

For boosting vitality, re-setting the nervous system, clearing the mind and the magnetic field.  Practice and teaching. Practice only starts around 9:20

NOTE: Increase the video to full screen for best viewing.


3. Three Practices to Reset Your Energy, Emotions & Habits So You Can Be Present & Respond From Presence.

Tune into the podcast episode #210 – Keep Your Radiance Strong & Light  – 3 Practices to Play With and then try these three practices in your day to day.

  1. Relax. Rest. Regenerate. The Daily & Weekly Bookend
  2. Eliminate & ReleaseRelease & Embrace. Choose a time span to play with.
  3. Emote to Elevate. Ask someone to be a space holder for you or play with this through journaling, movement or self recorded speaking.

How to tune in: Listen on the player above OR… 

1. Subscribe on iTunes or Download from Stitcher

2. Download from your Podcast App. Search for Feminine Power Time.

This way you will receive the entire library and dive in.

3. Tune in here on my podcast page.

4. Presencing Meditation: The 4 Rs of Connection
For Creating a Strong Rooted Center Within, Even Within the Chaos.   

Try this simple morning practice for connecting in to all 4 points of connection: The 4 Rs of Connection.

I do this Stay Harmonized practice every morning as a very practical way to connect into all four points of connection – so i can stay centered and sustained. It is very simple. And it works.

Watch this video and I’ll teach you the The 4 R practice.

It will support you to respond vs. react. Make wise choices. Keep a clear mind. And reset if you get twizzeled up.

Use to proactively start your day connected with all 4 points of connection or for re-centering when you get swirled around.


1. Root Down. Connect to physical planet and earth.
2. Rise Up. Connect to the  universe,
3. Relax Back. Connect to web of support.
4. Receive. Connect to yourself, what you need.



The power of Sound is pretty profound 🙂 Our bodies, brains, nervous systems, and energetic & emotional fields respond to frequency and vibration (aka sound). It has the power to calm, heal, uplift, and bring us into states of deep rest and regeneration. 

Over the past two decades, I’ve found different frequencies and expert sound practioners/ artists that work well for me and my system. I share them below for you to try out for yourself and see what works.

Note – If you use these for meditation, relaxation, re-setting, I recommend using the position for deep re-setting (laying down, right ankle over left + each hand in a gentle fist, either placed on heart and belly or near chest or on body where feels right.)

The Links below take you to Spotify, but you can also find these in ITunes or wherever you get your music from.

1. Self Healing v2: By Steve Halpren 

2. Deep Theta: Soundcapes For Healing by Steve Halpren

3. Stillness : By Dean Evenson 

4. Healing Mind System – Dr. Jeffrey Thompson 

5. Healing Mind System 2 – Dr. Jeffrey Thompson 

6. Synchrony Delta – Patt Lind Kyle

7. 528 Meditation Music

8. Peaceful Meditation Playlist

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