Welcome to the annual Crazy Wisdom Ritual, hosted by Christine Arylo & The Feminine Wisdom Way. Access the Guidebook and Recording Below

The Feminine Super Power of Crazy Wisdom is the willingness to explore, trust, speak, and act from your deep heart wisdom over conventional wisdom or outisde intelligence even if it seems crazy, irrational, improbable, or irresponsible or stretches you outside of your comfort zone.”

Cyclical Living Practice Crazy Wisdom

a Feminine Wisdom Session with Christine Arylo,
MBA, Leadership Advisor & Teacher

Below in this order, you’ll find: 

1.  Recording from the LIVE Session

 2. How to Prepare for the Session

3.  Details about the Feminine Wisdom Way

4. Bonus Podcast to Tune Into



ONE: LIVE Ritual Recording

TWO: How to Prepare before you Tune In

To prepare yourself before you tune in, we suggest you do the following – Note there are some materials to bring with you.

  1. Open and print out The Crazy Wisdom Ritual Guidebook we use this throughout the session, and you will write in it. If you don’t have access to a printer, just use the PDF virtually and bring a journal or paper
  2. Plan where you want to do the ritual from and set up your space to feel cozy and creative. A candle. Some markers or pens. Something that feels magical. You know, create the vibe!
  3.  Read Part One of the Ritual, Step 4: Choose 5 Books/Decks to work with as your ‘co co-creative’ listening tools for accessing wisdom and receiving guidance.  We work with the co-creative practice of inquiry and wisdom books, which means you will want to gather up a combination of 5 books/decks from people whose wisdom and energy you respect and resonate with. They can be fiction or nonfiction. See page 4 of the Guidebook for full instructions.

We dive into wisdom + practices + inquiries you can apply to what’s stretching you and energizing you right now – so you complete this year strong and set yourself up to emerge in 2024 with momentum and focus.

Access the Wisdom Book Here

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THREE: Feminine Wisdom Way 2024: Enrollment Opens November


Vision, Focus & Create the Way Women Naturally Live, Lead & Succeed

Stay focused on what matters. Gain clarity on the path ahead.
Make choices & set goals that lead to sustainable success + a whole life.
Make changes that empower you to create a reality in which you feel centered, sustained & supported, so you truly prosper.

The Feminine Wisdom Way is a Wisdom School that strengthens your access to your intuitive power and mystical consciousness in practical ways that give you the power & insight to live, lead, create, and operate in the material world – in your work/career, relationships, health, wealth & home – wiser, with more impact and less overwhelm… in the FLOW.

It is a Community of Conscious Women who are daring to work, live, succeed, achieve and do things differently. Women continue to participate year after year – because just the structure of Cyclical Living, Intention Setting,  and Co-Creation alone keeps them connected to their inner core – centered, clear and focused – even in the swirl of the world.

We start with the EMERGE 2024 Visioning & Intention Setting C0-Creative 4 Week Experience – January 8th – with an additional Year End Reflection Ritual.




FOUR: Stay Connected Via the Bi-Weekly Feminine Power Time Podcast

Go to Feminine Power Time on iTunes – Click Here

Tune into this Recent Series: Leading From The Feminine

Feminine leadership podcast series with Christine arylo 


We look forward to having you join us!

If you have questions, you can contact our team at Love@Arylo.com


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