Welcome to our Wisdom Session: Work Wise. Live Well.

Tune in to learn 3 models + 3 practices + 3 acts of harmonic defiance for releasing ways of working that burn us out + embracing new ways that have the power to create sustainable success, wellness + a life we can savor.

Enclosed on this page you’ll find: 

    1. Wisdom Session Video Recording – Christine walks you through the Wisdom Session
    2. Glyphs from the Session focused on the difference between sustainable and unsustainable decision making
    3. Upcoming Events, Retreats, and Programs – Live, Lead, Succeed the Way Women Work Best LO

ONE: Session Recording

To listen to the audio recording of the session, go here

Also, I invite you to check out my new podcast episode!

Overworked and Over It: Transforming Tight Time Constraints & Toxic Time Pressure
(This is part 2 of 3 in my Overworked and Over It Series)


Tune in anytime that works for you here.

TWO: Intuitive Inquiry + Visual Thinking

Here are two glyphs focused on the difference between sustainable and unsustainable decision making that we talked about during our session.

This is how we Work Wise so we can Live Well…

This is how many organizations, systems, and people work which leads to burnout.
Doing too much and wasting time, energy and mind share.

You can find these glyphs on pages 150 and 151 in the book
Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

You can learn more and order your copy at www.overwhelmedandoverit.com.


THREE: Upcoming Events, Retreats, Programs, and Trainings

Learn, practice and apply feminine wisdom to your personal and professional life that empowers you to do things differently. The HOW we create sustainable success, stop the burnout cycles and co-create a new world. Two levels of participation. Structure + Sisterhood = Super Power. Learn more below.

If you would love to learn a different way to work, create, and operate… to be successful in creating the impact you desire in the world, in creating the career/work that both lights you up and sustains you, and having a WHOLE LIFE as a woman – join us and learn the feminine wisdom way. It’s the way we women work best, but were never taught in our traditional training or education.

When you harmonize your work, projects, relationships and life force with the natural cycles, everything gets into the flow. This isn’t just a program, it’s a structure, a base of deep wisdom made practical to your daily life and how we naturally grow our work in the world, our relationships, and stay healthy in body and spirit.

People often ask me, “How do I connect with my inner wisdom? How do I trust it? How do I make bold choices that are also wise?” This is the how.

There is a lot to say – so I put it into an invitation + video. Take a look and if your inner wisdom is even a maybe, join us!

Enrollment is now closed, but will open up again in the Spring. Request the invitation below. 


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