I love creating transformational experiences that expand our access to Wisdom… attune us to our truth… conjure up the courage to stay true to ourselves… amplify our fierce feminine presence… & strengthen us from the inside out giving us the power, vitality, compassion & wisdom to make shift happen & stay focused on what matters most.

Below are the upcoming Workshops, Programs,
Feminine Leadership Trainings, Women’s Retreats

Events & Workshops – Live


OVERCOMING OVERWHELM:  Cultivating Sustainability for Yourself In a World That Needs So Much

An interactive workshop for conscious women who desire to make an impact in the world, support others & achieve success without having to sacrifice their wellness, relationships or needs.  


OVERWHELMED & OVER IT: A Path to Sustainable Success. 

A 4- month transformational experience you do in your life to liberate yourself out of burnout and ways of working, living, relating and designing your life that don’t work. And learn new ways that work for how women naturally work best. Starts the week of April 3rd.

Upcoming Retreats – Virtual and In Person

For our January retreats, we will be using both modern technology + sacred technology to create a very real retreat experience you can do wherever you are rooted, and be connected to women around the world, and experience the power of taking sacred retreat space for yourself. These are not just another online event. Our women’s retreats are intentional spaces in which real transformation and connection happen.

We will be hosting the annual Emerge Visioning and Focusing 6-week Retreat for 2022 which runs from December Solstice through mid February.

The first live session is January 9th. 

Stay tuned for more on retreats coming up in March and beyond.

Learn more below.


EMERGE: 2022 Visioning and Focusing Virtual Retreat

First Live Session January 9th.
Join in December for reflection & dreaming.

A different way to set goals & intentions personally and professionally, the way women work best. This interactive 6-part experience can be done self-led or with a global community of women. Includes year end reflection process and 4 live sessions in January.

Feminine Wisdom Way 
Wisdom School


The Feminine Wisdom Way 2022

A wisdom school & community for women daring to do things differently. Enrollment is now open for our full year Feminine Super Power Year and the FLOW YOUR Year training and community. And for our 2022 EMERGE Visioning and Intention Setting Experience.

The 2022 Emerge Visioning and Focusing Virtual Retreat provides an inspiring, creative structure for business, career and life planning and pathing for the year ahead.

Then you receive structure, support, practices, community the rest of the year. This is how we stay clear, centered and focused on what matters as wise women.

Watch the video below to learn more + then access the full invitation page here or by clicking the button below.


Gather & Guide Your People

Gather & Guide Your People

A Feminine Leadership Training, Creative Catalyst & Collaborative Council
for people who do or desire to create potent experiences -
workshops, programs, classes, circles, events, retreats – online and in person – 
that lead to real connection & lasting transformation… AND sustain you.

To learn more and request to be notified for the 2022 session, click here.

Elevate Banner Feminine Leadership Councils

Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils

The ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Council brings wise women leaders together who are committed to influencing & elevating the systems from the inside out.

Women who are choosing to do it differently AND who need & desire community with others who are also consciously creating this way… changing the face and way our systems and society works.

This is designed to be a structure that supports and stretches 20 women from diverse work and career experiences throughout the course 2021 to re-imagine and re-design a more sustainable way to work, design their lives, lead within the systems they influence… giving you space outside of the day to day with other conscious pioneering women to tap into a deeper wisdom to create the new.

The Application Process will open again in August of 2022 for the 2022/2023 Councils
Councils begin in October and run a full year cycle.


Elevate Feminine Leadership 3 Word Banner Womens Coaching

Elevate Feminine Leadership Mentorship

1:1 Womens Leadership Coaching

For emerging or established women leaders who are influencing change through their work, organizations and presence. And who would love to receive focused support and structure, and a deeper access and aptitude to apply feminine wisdom and power to create sustainable, significant change, in ways that sustain her to thrive.

To inquire about hiring Christine as a personal advisor and leadership coach, email her directly at


Harmonize & Rise

1:1 Transformational Experience
Mentoring & Coaching with Christine Arylo

For those ready to catalyze themselves & their lives, to align their lives with their heart & soul, to balance their feminine power and masculine drive, and to deepen their spiritual practice & access so all parts of your life are thriving.

For more information, contact Melissa Zimmer, Community Support at

Recorded Wisdom Sessions
Access for Free. Tune into Now

Christine Arylo Overwhelmed And Over It Header

Overwhelmed & Over It
Wisdom Session

Embracing our power to stay centered
and sustained in a chaotic world

Recorded live on the book unveiling date.
Access the recording now, no cost.

the power of feminine power in leadership arylo

The Power of Feminine Presence in Leadership

Explore two feminine leadership models: The Power Spectrums and The Feminine Leadership Archetypes with Christine. (taped from the Truth & Reconciliation Conference).

crazy wisdom christine arylo feminine wisdom

Crazy Wisdom

Conjuring Up Clarity, Courage and Calm in Changing Times

A Feminine Wisdom Session

fierce grace wisdom session

Fierce Grace: Feminine Power & Presence. How to Access & Unleash Yours.

Recorded on International Women’s Day.


Work Wise. Live Well.
Wisdom Session

3 models + 3 practices + 3 acts of harmonic defiance
for releasing ways of working that burn us out + embracing new ways that have the power to create sustainable success, wellness + a life we can savor.

christine hugging at kohlerk


If you’d like Christine Arylo, MBA, Feminine Leadership Advisor, best-selling author and speaker, founder of Expanding Possibility and founder of the social impact organization, The Path of Self Love School to come and speak or teach at your company or organization, please contact us by using the email 

Be sure to include information about yourself and your organization, and we will be in touch to talk about how we can best serve you.

Contact Christine and her team at 

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