Thank you for sharing your desires, needs and insights with me. I’ve taken it all to heart, and I am using your feedback to create the flow and focus for the months and year ahead.

As a special THANK YOU, I am gifting you with one of the Wisdom Teaching videos I did for the Overwhelmed and Over It book + program. 

It is focuses on Imprint #8: Release Doing It All on Your Own. Embrace Receiving Support and Sisterhood.

  • Tune in below. This is a private video teaching only for you and people in the Overwhelmed and Over It: Path to Sustainable Success experience.
  • You can expand the video player with the icon on the lower right corner.
  • Connect with other women exploring , experimenting and embodying the path of sustainable success on the Feminine Wisdom Cafe, my online private community site here.

I am truly grateful for our connection. I look forward to staying connected in ways that strengthen each of us in these intense and changing times.


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