Love Dare #3: Collect Evidence of Love

This Love Dare is one of the weekly love dares participants of the 40-day Fear Cleanse have taken… they loved it so much, and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with ALL of you! [...]


Letting Go of Love

3 ways to feel super loved even when your relationship is ending Most of us have been trained to believe that when a relationship ends, we lose the love of the person who we once felt so loved [...]

Do I Really Have to Get Sick To Relax?

My whole life for as long as I can remember I have had a deep and primal internal drive whose job it has been to propel me forward… into the next job, house, or project. This drive was like [...]


OMG! I’ve Been Scheduling My Body Out of My Life!

Only a week into the My Body is My Temple self-love practice I’ve come upon the most disturbing realization…. I’ve been scheduling my body out of my life for years. No wonder I [...]

My Temple Wants New Underwear!

I have always been a big believer that how you feel on the inside is how you feel on the outside. And when it when it comes to my spirit and soul – I get an A+. 9 years of personal [...]

My Body is My Temple … a new 40-day self-love practice

Okay, maybe I AM addicted to 40-day self love practices, but hey, there are way worse things to be addicted to! This addiction actually brings me more LOVE vs. less, so I say, let’s keep [...]


What History Left Out of Herstory

In honor of Women’s History Month, I have to out myself.  As an educated mba from one of the best educations in the country, I have been ignorant to the truth of our history as women. Sure, [...]


Overwhelmed, Overworked and Over It!

The unsustainable lifestyle of the modern day woman   Feed the kids.  Get a raise. Loose the weight.  Clean the house.  Wear the lingerie.  Whew!  It is tiring being a woman these days.  We have [...]


I don’t have time to take care of me first! Do I?

It’s self love practice day #10 — and the pratice i chose for these 40 days is the self love practice of taking care of me first. On this day I awoke to find myself feeling the burden [...]

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