Love Dare #3: Collect Evidence of Love

This Love Dare is one of the weekly love dares participants of the 40-day Fear Cleanse have taken… they loved it so much, and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with ALL of you! [...]


The Year of Liberation… how free are you really?

When I used to think of the word liberation, it brought to my mind images of the feminist movement, women wearing and burning bras… or images of other populations of our society who at have [...]


Take a PAUSE: How do YOU want to spend your holiday?

Bears never feel guilty about staying home for the holidays, so why should we? I was thinking again about those self-loving bears and how they spend the holidays. At home, in their cave, probably [...]


Self-Love Dare: PURE PLAY: Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You Were A Little Girl

When was the last time you picked up a football and kicked it across the yard and yelled “Score!” … or did a cartwheel, handstand or somersault in the grass … or skipped [...]


Self Love Dare #8: Stop Pushing. And Be Happy & Enough Right Now.

For the past 38 years I have suffered from something I have come to call the Achievement Junkie Syndrome. I say suffered purposefully because although I joke about this Syndrome by giving it a [...]


Self-Love Dare: Do A Daily Pause Practice

I started meditating about 8 years ago when my therapist suggested I try this daily pause thing. I remember trying to empty my mind and do the meditation the ‘right’ way – so [...]


Self-Love Dare #5: Do the Love Stare & Let Love In

When I first did this dare about six years ago at one of the first spiritual-pooloza-like conventions I attended – five days in the Palm Springs desert with some of the most influential and [...]