5 Reasons Why It’s Easier for Turkeys to Love Themselves

While it’s hard to deny that not many of us would want to end up stuffed, cooked and on display on a dining room table today, like the fate of many millions of turkeys, after giving it much [...]


Self Love Adventure: Fun Time-Travel

  Self-Love Adventure: learn more about you by traveling back through your life and remembering what FUN was for you at different times and ages. One thing that I have learned about fun is that [...]


Self-Love Tip #3: Give Up The Word Busy

When someone asks you how you are, do you ever say “I am so busy! Or good but busy.” Try it now. Stop and say that word, “busy” over and over. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. [...]


Self Love Dare #8: Stop Pushing. And Be Happy & Enough Right Now.

For the past 38 years I have suffered from something I have come to call the Achievement Junkie Syndrome. I say suffered purposefully because although I joke about this Syndrome by giving it a [...]


ME VOW 1: KNOW ME… know the woman behind the image

TRUTH: The first step in loving ME is knowing ME… and while it sounds crazy that it’s possible to not know ourselves, most of us really don’t. Yes, most of us have some idea of [...]


Forgiving ME Can Be the Hardest of All

Notes from the Self-Love Train… Inspiration From My Portland Trip This past Sunday I spent four hours with 12 women in Portland, Oregon — the first ever Choosing ME before WE Book [...]


This Mothers Day, I’m Giving Back My Doing Addict Gene!

Notes from the ME-Love Train –  Chicago & Mothers Day Eight days in Chicago. Four media appearances. Three business meetings. Two speaking engagements. Two parties. Three friend [...]


What’s Your Self Love Low (aka me-love dumper) and Self Love High?

Being Wise… taking in the wisdom across generations by Christine, age 37 The low of course is the easy one to start with. My self-love low was without a doubt the two weeks I spent begging, [...]