What Are U Willing to Do for YOUR Happiness?

I have noticed that while we all say we want to be happy, most of us spend more time pursuing happiness than we actually do living in it. And when we see the actions we’d actually have to [...]

Trade in Your Fear For A Miracle This Full Moon

The truth is that inside of me, hidden way down deep inside Has lived a fear of rejection that no one could ever tell was there Even me for many years. Successful. Driven. Ambitious. Go Getter. [...]

Love Starters: 3 ways to start your year from LOVE vs FEAR

I am a big believer in the phenomenon that how you begin your year is how you will live your year. And as I recently learned from my acupuncturist Dr. Feng, there is an ancient Chinese proverb [...]


You May Be A Gossip and Not Even Know It!

If you had asked me if I was a gossip and if I gossiped before yesterday, when I kicked off the Inner Mean Girl 40-day cleanse with about 6500 women, I would have given you an emphatic [...]


Self-Love Tip #3: Give Up The Word Busy

When someone asks you how you are, do you ever say “I am so busy! Or good but busy.” Try it now. Stop and say that word, “busy” over and over. Busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. [...]


Self-Love Dare: PURE PLAY: Do Something You Haven’t Done Since You Were A Little Girl

When was the last time you picked up a football and kicked it across the yard and yelled “Score!” … or did a cartwheel, handstand or somersault in the grass … or skipped [...]


Self-Love Dare: Do A Daily Pause Practice

I started meditating about 8 years ago when my therapist suggested I try this daily pause thing. I remember trying to empty my mind and do the meditation the ‘right’ way – so [...]


Self-Love Tip #30: Get A Hit of Pure Love Daily

There are sources of pure love all over this planet – babies, animals, flowers, trees, stars – that you can use to let love into your heart, and experience the high that comes with [...]


Love Dare #4: Give Up All Negative Thinking & Talking, Yes All of It.

Two months ago I had a moment. You know one of those moments when you have just had enough. Frustration. Exasperation. A realization that enough is enough and it’s time to make a change. [...]


Love Tip #21: Date Yourself

Zany, yet proven, Love Tip #21: Date Yourself Some people say they date or marry their best friend. What if that person was best friend #2, and you were best friend #1? Love Fact: The fastest way [...]