The Feminine Super Power of ‘Receiving’ … Giving Up the Push for the Invitation

The year I left my corporate job in 2007, I named “The year of receiving”… I always pick a mantra for the year based on the quality that I really want to bring into my life and [...]


PAUSE: Who are you stepping into 2010 as?

Don’t be an OX in 2010!  Just in case you didn’t get the memo last January, Chinese astrology told us that 2009 was going to be the year of the OX. I remember reading about the OX, [...]


Why are bears hibernating, when we’re out shopping sales at Macy’s??

 TAKE A PAUSE  3 things self-loving bears can teach us about conserving our energy & money this holiday season, using the Feminine Super Power of PAUSE. It’s December, so what do us [...]


Chatting with A Goddess… Who would it be and what would she say?

Being Wise… taking in the wisdom across generations by Christine, age 37 Of course it would make sense that in the month we talk about YONI’s that I would come upon the Goddess [...]