New Moon Meditation + Super Power Pause: Get Clear on Where to Focus Your Life Force… on what really matters most

Take a “Super Power Pause” with your heart & soul (and me!) to get clear on how to best focus your life force + resources. Tune into the video below. The new moon gives you super [...]


Liberate Yourself: Give yourself Permission to Say NO – to what you don’t want to do or don’t have the space for

Watch this video and liberate yourself from all the holiday and year end shoulds, coulds and have to’s. Using the Feminine Super Power of Liberation, the power of the half moon, and a short [...]


Are You Over Giving? 6 indicators you are giving too much & not receiving enough

Watch this video and see if you have any of these indicators of OVER-giving to others – people, projects, etc – and as a result, not getting enough of what you need. And then consider [...]


Are You Trying to Do Too Much?

Watch this video to see how you are putting pressure on yourself by having too much on your plate, and then keep watching & we’ll take the pressure off together! As a recovering [...]


Set Down The Burden… And Get Back in Balance

Watch this video to find and set down the burden weighing you down. While you may not like to admit this, somewhere in your life you are creating stress, pressure and suffering because of the [...]


What’s Driving You To Work So Hard

As a woman who has worked hard for most of her life, only to find that much of what was really driving me was my unexpressed fears, doubts, egoic ambitions, need for external approval… I am [...]

When You Have Nothing More Left to Give…

When You Have Nothing More Left to Give… The alarm rings and you awake Realizing that even though you just slept the night Your body is exhausted Your soul is tired And while you try to [...]


Why Successful Wo/men Will Do Less in 2011

What if I told you that you could get more done by doing less? Would you believe me? Would you nod your head like you did believe me, even agree to try some of the crazy things I asked you to [...]


How You End 2009 is How You’ll Spend 2010

Trade in Overwhelm for the Power of Pause   Every year, it’s the same old drill isn’t it. We start off with the best intentions, with gusto, resolved to reach our goals and make this [...]


Why are bears hibernating, when we’re out shopping sales at Macy’s??

 TAKE A PAUSE  3 things self-loving bears can teach us about conserving our energy & money this holiday season, using the Feminine Super Power of PAUSE. It’s December, so what do us [...]

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