Welcome to our Wisdom Session: Strengthening Sisterhood
Healing the Wound Between Women So We Can Lead Together 

In this session, we experience illumination, insight and expansion on how to heal the unconscious personal & generational imprints, wounds and societal influences that keep us from uniting our power & wisdom to work for the higher good of the whole. 

    1. Wisdom Session Video + Audio Recording – Join Christine, Linda and Nilima, plus conscious women from around, the world for an interactive and elevating experience.
    2. Tune into a Podcast about Freedom + get 5 inquiries about how you can consciously channel and direct your energy.
    3. Go Deeper into the Teachings from the Session – Links, images and topics discussed during the live session.
    4. Resources – More info on our facilitators and info to reach out for 1:1 support. LO

ONE: Session Recording

The session is about 90 minutes. Grab a journal and a pen or pencil for a creative exercise.

To listen to the audio recording of the session, go here.

TWO: Feminine Power Time Podcast on Freedom

Freedom is one of the most essential human needs, and desires. People have died fighting for it, many have never tasted it, and most of us, even if we live in a ‘free’ world have many ways in which we are NOT free.

Tune into this podcast where Christine will lead you through 5 inquiries to ask yourself at this time to choose how you can consciously channel and direct your energy, time, money, life force and influence.

You can tune in on her website, on iTunes, the Feminine Wisdom Cafe, or on your favorite Podcast app. Just search for the Feminine Power Time Podcast.

THREE: Go Deeper into the Teachings

1. During the session, Christine discusses the Triangle of Sacred Transformation. She recorded a video on it. Tune in here.

2. In Christine’s private online community gathering space – we call “the Feminine Wisdom Cafe” –  we have some great conversations going! This is off of social media – it’s a place we cultivate conscious conversation and post elevating inspiration and resources. Join here

3. Below is the visual we used as our focalizing image during Linda’s Healing Transmission.

Taos Moon by Artist Sharon Zeugin – www.sharonzeugin.net

FOUR: Resources

  1. If you would like to learn more about Linda Galvan, Life Transformation Personal Growth Facilitator and Guide, go here.
  2. To learn more about what Christine is up to, visit her website at www.christinearylo.com, and to learn more about the Elevate Feminine Leadership Council she leads, go here.
  3. To learn more about the founder of Shakti Leadership, Nilima Bhat, visit her website at www.shaktileadership.com. Also, learn more about the yearly Truth and Reconciliation Week Nilima co-founded, happening in July each year visit wwwTruthandReconciliation.net.



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