Sometimes you just need a check in with yourself – you know like a real b.f.f. moment to see how your life is going… to make sure HOW you are living is actually creating the happiness, abundance, health and love you really want.

Christine Arylo has created a series a 90-minute transformational experience focused on different areas of your life – that brings you deeper into your connection with yourself, with spirit and with others. These sessions have been taped from live livestream broadcasts, full moon and new moon circles, and her Wine and Divine series all have which have occurred live in beautiful homes, spaces and wineries around the world (wherever Christine happens to be) and they are also love-streamed into people’s homes.

We’ve put them together in a way that you can view them now, and take part in the transformational experience yourself. You’ll receive the full video to watch and receive the teaching, transmission, exercises and rituals. Some also include the audio. And most include an e-booklet created by Christine for you to journal with or use as a template in your own journal. We’ve made these super affordable and accessible to support you on your journey.

These SESSIONS were taped LIVE with Christine and they include:

  • Video of the session
  • Audio recording of the session
  • Hand Illustrated Loveplates – the worksheets used during the session

christine arylo VIDEOS

The complete package for each session is only $10.


Align your life with what makes you happy, healthy & whole

ALIGN YOUR LIFE video image

Like going to the spiritual chiropractor, you’ll identify where your life is out of alignment with your happiness so you can get it back in line with your joy.To get the details about this session, go here.


Cultivating Relationships that Support You to Thrive

DARE TO BE LOVED video image

This session is all about increasing your “Love Wealth,” giving you tools to create the supportive relationships you need to thrive and the inner confidence to transform relationships that drain you and to grow relationships that sustain you. To get the details about this session, go here.

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