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Welcome to the Self Love Day Ritual and Play Date! We are honored to spend this special time with YOU.

Below you will find the viewing window to watch Session #1: The Self Love Ritual  at the bottom of this page. You’ll also see Session #2: Our Self Love Playdate. Session #2 has 5 segments. If you hover your mouse over the Session #2 video screen and scroll down, you’ll see each segment. The first segment is at the bottom, in reverse order. As you watch each segment, you’ll work your way up to the top of the page.

Session #1 lasts about one hour, and Session #2 lasts about two hours. You can do both sessions at once, or tune in for as long as you’d like and come back later to finish. Be sure to read the supply list that was included in the email you received before you watch.

Get ready for a nourishing, empowering ritual to opening up your heart to YOU and to creating a set of promises that will truly keep you staying true to yourself this year, no matter what.


xoxo Christine & Shiloh

Session #2: Self Love Play Date – Mantra Cards, Self Love Poem and Poster

 Session 2:  Self Love Playdate: Create Your Personal Self Love Mantra Cards & Love Poem Poster   

  • Create a personalized set of SELF LOVE MANTRA CARDS that can be used as self-love medicine all year long –  like super powered affirmation cards, we’ll take you through an intentional creativity process using the 10 branches of self-love to create a set of cards that you can use any time you need a love boost, to get the mantra you need to choose self-love for yourself in the moment.
  • Craft a personalized “LOVE POEM” to yourself! Imagine hearing a poem that stirs your soul and ignites your heart, that is what you will create for yourself! Using intentional creativity we’ll lead you through a process that will create a poem that resonates with your heart – even if you’ve never written a poem before.
  • Create a “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE” Poster with your 2016 Self Love Poem with an Image that Reflects Your Essence – like a ‘self love mirror’ this poster will act as a reflection of the truth of your heart and soul, so you can always remember who you are.
  • Have these self love super power tools to use for the rest of your life  – like medicine for your heart and soul to keep you choosing and feeling love for yourself.
  • Receive support and love throughout February in our special Choose Self Love Circle to have your creations witnessed and loved on – you’ll be invited to a private online Facebook group where you can see other people’s love art and self expression, and become more inspired to make yours! And we’ll also witness your self-love promises personally.



Session #1: Self Love Promise Ritual

Session 1:  Self Love Ritual – Make your 2016 Self Love Promises   
  • Reveal what kind of self-love you need the most this year – using powerful self love technology – is it self-care? self-compassion? or self worth? or?
  • Craft your personal set of self-love promises to make sure you stay true to yourself no matter what this year – we’ll guide you on how to make & take these so you have more power to make choices from self love instead of self sabotage, fear or self judgment.
  • Use the power of Intentional Creativity to bring your promises to life, hand painting and drawing them, so you can see them & be inspired by them, you’ll create ‘love art’ that holds the energy of these promises for you (no art experience needed).
  • Receive a ritual to take your promises & make them real – so you keep these promises to yourself all year long in ways that feel  loving and supportive.



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