Welcome to our Power Pause & Reflection Ritual to complete 2019 feeling Powerful, Proud & Peaceful, so you can enter the new year feeling Clear, Confident & Wise.

Below you’ll find everything you need to access to the Year-End Reflection Ritual Videos + Guidebook with illustrations and inquiries so you can REMEMBER. CELEBRATE. RELEASE. and EXPAND. Complete your own 2019 Reflection Ritual between now and December 31st… so you can be clear and ready for receiving Divine guidance and messages from your heart about where to focus your life force and resources in 2020.

Below, you’ll find, in this order:

  1. Year-End Reflection Videos – Christine walks you through the Power Pause Ritual
  2. 2019 Reflection Ritual Guidebook to PrintPDF to help you visually ‘see’ your own Reflection Ritual
  3. How to Do this Ritual with a Spouse/Partner/Beloved – Christine and her Partner Noah share the process they do together each year
  4. Invitation to The Feminine Wisdom Way 2020 – Live, Lead, and Succeed the Feminine Way
  5. Recording of the Live Reflection Ritual from December 19, 2019 – Watch the full recording or listen to the audio


Power Pause & Reflection Ritual with Christine Arylo

In the following videos, Christine Arylo will walk you through the full Power Pause & Reflection.
To watch the recording of the December 19th Reflection Ritual, click here.

Watch this first: Getting Started + Introduction

Step One: Remember & Reflect on 2019

Step Two: Celebrate all you have done and become

Step Three: Release Self-Criticism. Install Self-Compassion.

Step Four: Complete the year wise & clear


2019 Reflection Ritual Guidebook

We invite you to download and print this guidebook in advance, so you can use it to walk you through the Reflection Ritual step by step. This is a wonderful way to visually SEE what you’ve done and become, using this guidebook as golden wisdom for the year ahead.

*Note: For Feminine Wisdom Way Students, you can use your Emerge Visioning Book, starting on page 16.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this year’s guidebook with you that includes templates and graphics from Katherine Torrini, our creative catalyst and sacred scribe in The Feminine Wisdom Way circle. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Invite Your Partner to Join You

Couples who Pause & Reflect Together, Thrive Together.


OVEThe Feminine Wisdom Way 2020

The Feminine Wisdom Way is for women who desire to learn how to wield and embody their feminine power… to access their deeper feminine wisdom… to live, lead and succeed differently in their work and lives. If you’d like to live more in the ‘feminine flow’ yet still show up powerfully in your life, feeling connected to your body, health, sacred work, relationships and wealth, we invite you to learn more about The Feminine Wisdom Way.


A Wisdom Woven Poem
Winter Solstice 2019

(Created from wisdom shared by participants during the live Reflection Ritual on December 19, 2019.)

Remember: you can do it differently.
Remember my Innocence.
I don’t have to know, I can just be.
Go where I am celebrated, acknowledged and supported.
When I slow down and breathe, I move into the flow and access my wisdom.
I’m right on track of my grand journey.
Remember to not overthink…listen more to your heart.
Your heart knows, LISTEN! and Do it, but do it with softness and self-compassion.
Your inner voice is true and matters.
Be a more secure person.
You are worthy (regardless of what you accomplish or not).
Remember your compassionate heart.
You are a bright light.
The divine will show me.
Abundance is real and available to me.
I have found my community.
I am worth it. I matter … as do my desires, dreams and feelings.
Pay attention to the animals communicating to you in real life and in your dreams.
Reach out to friends you want to spend time with.
I don’t need to know the HOW, I just need to set a clear intention, make a commitment, and trust my inner guidance, and the steps will become clear.
Remember: it’s okay to slow down; also it’s okay to let go of work that I don’t connect with.
Only love. Open heart. Speak your truth.
Breath in Love, Breath out Fear.
Remember: I am STRONG.

December 19th Reflection Ritual Recording

Watch the video or download the audio here  (start listening at 34:03).

(The Reflection Ritual officially begins at 34:03.)


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