Welcome to the Path of Self Love Teaching Session: Curing Self Sabotage, Doubt, Criticism & Bullying in the Hearts & Minds of Women and girls!

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The Path of Self Love – Training module #1 Starts Sept 20th  

Reform the Inner Mean Girl. Empower the Inner Wisdom. Transform Self Sabotaging Habits into Self Supportive Actions.

  • Stop self-bullying & negative self-talk.
  • Strengthen self-compassion, self-trust, self-empowerment & intuition.
  • Give women & girls the power to discern between their two inner forces – their “Inner Mean Girl” & their “Inner Wisdom” so they can stop making sabotaging choices in work, relationships, money and health & start making supportive self-loving choices that honor who they are & what they need.

Click here to get the invitation and the details on the Training and Certificate Program 

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