Welcome to the Overwhelmed & Over It
Book Unveiling Wisdom Session
Embracing our power to stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World

with Christine Arylo, best-selling womens leadership author




NOTE: The audio for Christine has some glitches throughout, but it’s totally listenable. Sometimes when we are transmitting potent wisdom, technology goes wonky 🙂 We’ve watched it from start to end. We hope you do too!

About the Session:
Join Christine Arylo and special guests for an interactive, consciousness catalyzing, heart-opening, soul-nourishing experience. The Intention: To energize and enlighten us. Release some of the pressure and overwhelm you feel. And embrace you into a sisterhood of wise women daring to do it differently.

The session takes place in 4 segments:

Introduction & Invocation – Includes book reading from Christine

Part One: The Feminine Wisdom & Super Power Practices We Need to Stay Centered, Sustained, & Focused

Part Two: Speaking Truth About What’s Not Working For How We Work, Live and Value the Feminine.

Part Three: Embracing Our Power to Re-Imagine & Re-design the World We Live In



Ways to Go Deeper, Receive Support & Connect

RETREAT: Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Wisdom Quest 2020

November 13th-15th.  Take from anywhere in the world.

For women desiring to make a greater difference through the work they do... are ready to step forward into the next phase… and seek clarity, courage, and focus for the path ahead.

We quest at the most potent time of the year for visioning.

We’ll create the structure, sacred space & sisterhood and you’ll take the quest rooted where you are in the world.



Leadership Training:
Gather & Guide Your People

Starts November 10th. A 10-weeks.

Gather and Guide Your People

A Feminine Leadership Training, Creative Catalyst & Collaborative Council for people who do or desire to create potent experiences – workshops, programs, classes, circles, events, retreats – online and in person – that lead to real connection & lasting transformation… AND sustain you.





The Feminine Wisdom Way

Enrollment Opens in late November.
We begin with our Emerge 2021 Visioning Process in January.
To receive the invitation when it’s ready, request it below. 

If you would love to learn a different way to work, create, and operate… to be successful in creating the impact you desire in the world, in creating the career/work that both lights you up and sustains you, and having a WHOLE LIFE as a woman – join us and learn the feminine wisdom way. It’s the way we women work best, but were never taught in our traditional training or education.

When you harmonize your work, projects, relationships and life force with the natural cycles, everything gets into the flow. This isn’t just a program, it’s a structure, a base of deep wisdom made practical to your daily life and how we naturally grow our work in the world, our relationships, and stay healthy in body and spirit.

People often ask me, “How do I connect with my inner wisdom? How do I trust it? How do I make bold choices that are also wise?” This is the how.




Feminine Leadership Councils 2021:

For women choosing to re-imagine and re-design the way we and the world work.

Enrollment Opens October 22nd. Starts December 29th.
Learn More.

The ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Council brings wise women leaders together who are committed to influencing & elevating the systems from the inside out.

Women who are choosing to do it differently AND who need & desire community with others who are also consciously creating this way… changing the face and way our systems and society works.

This is designed to be a structure that supports and stretches 20 women from diverse work and career experiences throughout the course 2021 to re-imagine and re-design a more sustainable way to work, design their lives, lead within the systems they influence… giving you space outside of the day to day with other conscious pioneering women to tap into a deeper wisdom to create the new.



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