Overwhelmed & Over It:
Embrace Your Power to
Stay Centered & Sustained in a Chaotic World

Read the letter below from best-selling author Christine Arylo.
And then access the Video Interview, Audio Reading & PDF of the Introduction


Hello! So glad you arrived here…

We’ve put together multi-sensory experience for you to get a sense of the ROOT reasons behind the burnout, overwhelm, self-sacrifice, mental/emotional/physical dis-ease and unsustainable pressure women have been dealing with and trying to change for well over 60 years, since we fully entered the work force.

And also provide a path to a different more sustainable, truly successful way of living and working. 

The realities for how we work, live, structure our society and systems, personally and collectively are just not sustainable. And more self-care, stress management and working smarter strategies aren’t going to change that.

There are ingrained systemically induced causes and deeply embedded internal imprints that drive our thoughts, actions and emotions that we just can’t see.

And.. You can’t change what you cannot see.
But… once you can see it, you gain the power to change it.

Which is why I spent 10 years + researching, experimenting with and writing Overwhelmed and Over It, to:

  • Illuminate these distorted ways of working and structuring our society and lives.
  • Open up a real conversation and access to an honest to goodness path that gives us the power and wisdom to liberate ourselves (and those we love and lead).
  • Give us practices and practical ways of doing things differently. So we can UNLEARN & RELEASE what’s not working. And EMBRACE a new way that works for women, and all people and our planet.

There is a different way. A path to realities in which wholeness, sustainability, wellness and connection is at the core. I’m thrilled to explore it with you.Together, we can and will create a more sustainable world and way of being on this planet.

What follows below is

  1. A video, audio and the intro from the book to tune into the root reasons under the burnout, why it’s not our fault & where the power is to change it – A video interview, audio letter from me to you and the women of the world, and a PDF of the preface and introduction.
  2.  A way to connect with a community of other women choosing to do it differently, put the practices into place in our lives, families, teams, and organizations, and be inspired by sharing our acts of Harmonic Defiance.
  3. How to get a copy of the printed, electronic or audio version of Overwhelmed and Over It and the companion journal.OV



ONE: Short Video Interview * Audio of Letter from Me to You (preface of book)* PDF of the Introduction



Short Video Interview with Christine – Tune In

An Audio Letter from My Heart to Your & The Women of The World (reading of the preface) – Tune in.

Also posted on Christine’s podcast Feminine Power Time. You can subscribe on your podcast app or on Spotify.

Download and Read the Preface & Introduction to Overwhelmed and Over It!

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One for you.
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