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Why I created this burnout quiz. There are 13 different ways working women over-give to work and others that lead to overwhelm & burnout and unnecessary stress. The question is, do you know which are driving you? Take the quiz and find out.

This self-sustainability assessment was created by Christine Arylo, best-selling women’s leadership author of Overwhelmed and Over It! Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World.

Based on over a decade of research with working women and the root causes to burnout and lack of work life balance.

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If you can reveal the specific ways you over-give to work and others, you become empowered to shift the imbalance.

Take the Overwhelmed and Over It! Self-Sustainability & Burnout Quiz and:

  1. Reveal which of the 13 ways of over-giving to work and others are creating burnout, overwhelm and stress for you – including over-working, over-caretaking, over-promising and more.
  2. Uncover your ‘self-induced stress’ – the unnecessary pressure you create by the choices you make, that you are likely blind to.
  3. Break down the root causes of your burnout and stress into manageable parts so you can see more clearly where you would be best served to make shifts
  4. Receive Self Sustainability Report that reveals your scoring for ALL 13 Kinds of Overgiving imprints for working & supporting others that drain you.
  5. Use the results to start making wiser choices – in your work, relationships and life design that sustain you.

The question is not “How do I find work life balance?” or “How do I find time for self care with so much to do and take care of?”

The deeper truth underneath the overwhelm in our over-packed, over-extended lives is this:

We women operate like banks that give more withdrawls than receive deposits. Deposits of time, energy, money, support, acknowledgement, kindness, gratitude and more.

We also give more than we can afford to give. In fact, we often refuse and push away the deposits when the show up!

We just don’t see it so we can’t stop it.

For example… See if any of these burnout imprints in how you show up in your work and relationships are true for you:

  1. You give more than is needed. You give 110% percent to a project or person when 80% would be enough.
  2. You give more than is in harmony. The exchange of energy, time, and money between you and another person, an organization, your mission, even your family is imbalanced.
  3. You give more than you can afford to give. You want to be generous, to help, but in truth you don’t have the time, money or energy.

Consider this: You will never find or feel balance if you keep giving more than you receive.

Take the Burnout Quiz to Reveal Which of the 13 Ways of Overgiving to Work and Others is Bankrupting You

Use the results of the burnout quiz to re-design how you give to work and others.

And create a reality in which success includes both Giving to Others AND Receiving What You Need.

Burnout Quiz Give and Receive Harmony Scales

You are more compassionate, courageous, clear and confident when you give and receive in harmony in your relationships, your work, and the world.

Most of us were imprinted to value ourselves based
on how much we achieve and give to others.

This has set us up for burnout and lives where we have to choose between receiving what we need to be sustained and care for, and giving to our work, missions and others.

Consider this as an equation for how you work, give and live instead:

I am a strong achiever + a generous caregiver
AND a gracious and unapologetic receiver, without guilt.

This is a self-care quiz, a self-sustainability assessment and a tool for us to see how we are creating burnout, stress and unhealthy working and relationship dynamics for ourselves, and likely those we lead and love.

Let’s shine light on the root imprints that drive you to give more than you can afford, is in harmony or is needed.

The quiz takes under 7 minutes to complete.

Once you complete, I’ll share with you some simple practices you can put into action right away to make shift in your giving and receiving equation.

Take an act of self empowerment and self care.

See you on the other side!

With heart,

Christine Arylo

Best-Selling Author of Overwhelmed and Over It!

Christine Arylo Book Overwhelmed & Over It
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    Dr. Leisl M. Bryant

About Christine Arylo, MBA, transformational leadership advisor, and wisdom teacher

Christine Arylo. MBA, is a transformational leadership and wellbeing advisor, coach and mentor, internationally recognized speaker and four-time author. She uses 20+ years of business and social impact experience coupled with 20+ years in advanced human consciousness training to teach people how to transform and architect lives, organizations, teams, and realities that empower and enable all people and planet to prosper.

Known for her ability to take deep wisdom and translate it into practical super power, she takes people beyond conventional thinking, and guides them to uplevel their mindset, choices and consciousness. Her breakthrough and practical methodologies give working women – and the people & organizations they influence – a path out of burnout and overwhelm. Empowering them to be influential leaders and change-makers, who know how to make a positive impact without having to sacrifice their personal wellness or choose between having a whole-life or a successful career.

Her transformational wellbeing, leadership and personal development programs, workshops, retreats, and talks have transformed the lives of people on 6 continents.

Christine works with individuals, organizations, teams, leaders and change makers to create new models and ways of working and living that lead to sustainable success. Learn more about Christine and her work here.


Tune into her thought-provoking insights on her weekly podcast, Feminine Power Time, at www.FemininePowerTime.com.

She loves speaking in person and virtually with people, and has been a featured speaker at TedX, Emerging Women, Kohler, Gap Inc., Wharton, Kripalu and many other conferences, business schools, retreat centers, and organizations and companies worldwide. Connect with her at www.ChristineArylo.com.

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