1. Slides from Our Workshop


Download the Overcoming Imposter Syndrome slides here.

2. Resources – Quiz, Kit + Video Series

1. Inner Critic Quiz – Learn about the specific Inner Critic Archetypes you have, and practices for working with them. Take th quiz at www.innercriticquiz.com.

2. Daily Morning Flow Practice – Video and Booklet-The video + booklet will walk you through a daily morning flow practice that includes the 4 Points of Connection and the 3 Points of protection. GO here to access www.dailyflowpractice.com.

3.  Navigating Uncertainty Video Series

  • 6 Structures to Stay Stable During Transition. Tune in here.
  • How to Reduce Anxiety & Increase Clarity – Watch Video Below

3. Podcast – Tune In
Feminine Power Time: Turn Off the Chatter, Tune into What Matters

I’ve been offering this podcast for six years  so there is a robust library to tune into. It’s called Feminine Power Time but it is for all people. We explore a different way to look at power, by tuning into the deeper wisdom within and around us, so we can live, lead and succeed differently and create a better world in big and small ways.

I often do series on topics – and listed a few to get you started.

The best way to tune is to subscribe on your Podcast App or on Spotify.  Here’s the link to ITUNES or Stitcher  or Spotify.

Podcasts to Start With…

117: Downshifting: Superpower Practices for Staying Centered, Calm & Clear in Chaotic Times  (#1 of 3)

100: Making Wise Choices: Is Fear or Wisdom Guiding You? #2 of 3

179: Strengthen Your Self-Trust 

4. Books

books plus bonus book readers kit

Learn about Christine’s fourth and latest book – Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World –  click here www.overwhelmedandoverit.com

5. Stay Connected

Connect with me Via LinkedIn here 

Or contact me directly at christine@arylo.com.

You can also subscribe to my twice a month Wisdom Letter on my home page.

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