Sometimes having a person to be there just for you – to reflect, witness, catalyze, and guide you to see what you can’t see for yourself… to support you as you realign, harmonize and step into what’s calling your heart & soul forward – can make all the difference.

A special offer for our beloved Students – that’s YOU!

1:1 Harmonize & Catalyze Session
with Christine Arylo
For gaining clarity, getting re-focused or re-balanced, moving through resistance or overwhelm, or gaining the courage to make changes.

Dear Beloved,

I believe deeply in the power of working individually with people. Sometimes you need someone to witness, reflect and illuminate what you can’t see for yourself.

Or someone to catalyze you past your blocks and fear, to a new elevated and more harmonized reality, and into inspired action.

Or a person who has walked the path before you, and can provide guidance, wisdom and shine the light ahead, to help you find the courage and clarity to move forward.

I myself have mentors, teachers and coaches that have supported me to elevate, expand & stay aligned to my soul’s path for over two decades. And I still do.

Part of my sacred work is to be a  mentor, teacher and guide for others who are awakening to their power, potential and heart and soul path – beings who are ready for transformation and elevation on the inside so they can step even more powerfully forward to have the impact they desire in the world, their lives and with the people they love, lead and influence.

While I don’t do individual 1:1 sessions with the general public, I felt inspired to make a special opportunity for those who are currently doing work with me in my group programs, to offer my mentorship services at this time. 

Space held for you to tap into your deeper wisdom so you can see the path ahead, and then have the courage to walk it.

These 1:1 personal Harmonize sessions with me are only available twice a year. I’ve opened up a handful of spaces. You can sign up for yours now below.

If you have questions, reach out to

1:1 Harmonize & Catalyze Sessions:
A Special Offer for Current Students

If you want to go deeper, make a shift and expand what is possible,
and would love a spiritual advisor/mentor who is also an MBA/visionary/social impact entrepreneur, who can:

  • Assess where you are feeling out of balance and harmony in your life, sacred work and relationships
  • Reflect the truth inside you that you can’t see or articulate
  • Help you focus on what matters most to bring you back into harmony
  • Support you to step forward into what’s calling your heart & soul
  • Shine the light on the path ahead, to find more clarity within the uncertainty
  • Ignite a deeper connection to your spiritual wisdom, and personal power to increase your courage, faith and confidence
  • Give you practical spiritual & physical rituals & tools that will support you in your current transformation
  • Guide you to deepen your spiritual practice and explore a more divine feminine way of living and creating
  • Help you clarify and amplify your vision for the year and make sure you are focused on what really matters

Then a 1:1 Session with Christine is a good fit.

I love working with people ready for change, committed to following their soul’s path, even if that means doing things differently than everyone else, which it often does. People tell me that just being in my presence inspires them to change. That’s why I call myself a catalyst, not a coach. I’m committed to supporting people to remember who they are, stay true to their soul’s path, to live in a rhythm that supports & sustains their success & personal happiness and health, and that gives them the strength to respond from their center of power to meet both the challenges & the opportunities that arise with victory, vitality & grace.

Christine Arylo Bio Headshot

Harmonize & Catalyze 1:1 Session with Christine Arylo

Aligned and harmonized on the inside, you can powerfully emerge in your sacred work AND be sustained and supported in living a whole life, that nourishes you and makes a difference in the world.

Normally $500
Special for Students Only: $388


  • 1 hour session via video or phone with Christine
  • Special inquiries to dive into before your session to get you focused
  • Inspired actions & focus to take post session
  • Personalized spiritual & physical practice to support you in the unfolding of what’s ahead

click here to sign up for a session

Upon Payment, you will receive a message from my team within 24 hours to schedule your session. I look forward to connecting soon! 




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