Claim Sacred Space for Yourself Now, for a Soul Nourishing Spiritual Retreat
at Spring Equinox to Replenish, Recalibrate & Refocus & Gain the Wisdom & Practices to Stay Vital, Energized, Clear and Centered in Your Life

Spend a week in a revitalizing wellness and yoga retreat center with transformational catalyst Christine Arylo, and special guests, receiving ancient wisdom, spiritual and physical practices and feminine super powers for thriving in your modern life.

Burnout. Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Feeling stretched. More to do than humanly possible. This is the reality many women struggle with, trying to manage our overly full lives. And I just want you to know… it’s not your fault that you have yet to successfully figure out how to “have it all” and “take care of it all” without sacrificing your personal health & happiness, or feeling stretched too thin.

mantra wise women replenishThe ancient sages predicted that at this time on the planet, the pace and reality of our modern lives would become unsustainable, even for us modern day super women. Our bodies and minds are simply not equipped for the amount of information coming at us, the speed at which things move, or the choices we face in a day.

And the tools we’ve been given to “manage stress” or “manage time” or “find balance,” are not enough. To do more than just survive our lives, in order to thrive, we need super powers! Thankfully the sages left us wisdom + practices + tools that we can use in our daily lives to create more of the harmony and spaciousness we need, even with a full life, so that you can stay energized, clear, joyful, calm and centered on the inside, no matter what is swirling on the outside.

We don’t learn this wisdom or these tools in school or on the job, so wise women seek them out in other ways.


Which is why I am inviting you to join me and a group of other “wise women” who “dare to live, lead and succeed differently,” for a week at one of the most powerful times of the year for creating more harmony and balance – Spring Equinox. Sacred time for YOU devoted to receiving wisdom, practices and super powers you can put to use in your daily life – in your work, health, wealth, relationships, self-expression — to cultivate a:

  • PRESENCE of true feminine power – radiant, compassionate, confident, fierce grace.
  • BODY that grows in its vitality & that stays energized – proactively practicing simple but mighty practices that release stress, increase vitality, and keep you feeling strong.
  • MIND that stays clear, calm and focused – making sure your life force goes to what matters most.
  • HEART that is nourished on all levels – physical, emotional, relational and spiritual.
  • SPIRIT that is free to express and create a life that aligns with your soul – where you follow your Inner Wisdom, even when it differs from conventional wisdom.
  • LIFE RHTYHM that flows like a harmonized orchestra, where you are supported, thriving with enough time, energy and resources to do what you love and take care of who you love, including yourself.


spring equinox smallSpring Equinox is one of the four most potent times of the year to take a conscious pause, a retreat with your heart, body and soul – I call it “Feminine Super Power Time” because if you slow down, unhook from the “madness matrix,” and create space to connect into the web of Divine wisdom, you gain the super power to focus your life force & resources on what truly matters to you.

When we fail to pause at this potent time, we can end up creating lives and making choices that are out of alignment with our purpose and true desires, creating more work without more return… and create overwhelm and burnout.

But when we do pause, we can see the imbalances & the possibilities, discern between what we desire to do and what we think we should do, and gain the power to step forward, courageously, to make the choices in our work, relationships, health and wealth that align with our inner truth.

Now that is super power.

I am SO thrilled to be able to offer this retreat, this ‘personal off site’, a conscious pause.A transmission and training in practices, techniques, and tools that have given those I’ve shared them with the super power to have the impact and influence they desire in their work, families, communities, and world + create lives that sustain and nourish their bodies, minds and hearts.

The time of self-sacrifice is over. We need new systems – starting on the inside out – that support us to thrive in all areas of our lives.

All the details are below. Read them. Trust your Inner Wisdom, not the voice that says you ‘don’t have time!’ If you have questions, reach out to my retreat director Sarah Mardell at We have a maximum of 13 spaces that need to be reserved by January 28th. All the details to claim your space are below. Love to share this wisdom, sacred space and super power practices with you!

With great heart,
christine arylo
Christine Arylo
Spiritual Catalyst, Women’s Leadership Advisor, Best Selling Author
Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor – specializing in Vitality, Stress & Wellness


What Can I Expect From this Retreat in Warm, Spacious, Nourishing Sayulita, Mexico?
This is more than just a womens yoga retreat, it’s a spiritual training with your feminine wisdom!

I’ve designed this retreat to be a deeply restorative and revitalizing experience that keeps on giving and guiding you when you return home. My intention is that from this experience you receive:

  • Renewed and revitalized body, heart, spirit and mind – the combination of the cleansing ocean air and water, nurturing connection to natural beauty of the hillside setting, nourishing organic food prepared for you, daily physical and spiritual practices, plenty of time for self reflection and connection, and sisterhood with other women … will fill up your tanks on all levels, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical so you return home, full of energy.
  • Personal ‘super power’ practices that you will love learning. And these practices for Increasing Vitality, Releasing Stress, Cultivating Spaciousness, and Increasing Your Clarity, Confidence and Calm admist a full life, will become personalized practices you can do daily when you return home. – You’ll try and experience a series of physical and spiritual practices from the Kundalini yoga, Chi Gung, Ayurveda, Self Love and Divine Feminine traditions to find what works for you. We’ll work with you to create an ‘accordion style’ set of daily physical and spiritual practices that you can do in 3 minutes, 11 minutes or 33 minutes depending on the time you have in any one day.
  • Re-calibration of what is out of balance and alignment in your life so that when you go back into your life, there is more spaciousness and time for YOU and for what matters most to you. Sometimes you have to get out of your life to see what and where the imbalances are. We’ll illuminate the imbalances and then together, find the path to harmony so that all parts of your life work to support you to thrive.
  • Clarity on your life force focus and intentions for the remainder of the year. When you pause at this point of the year to look ahead and get clear about what you really desire to cause, create and give your energy, time and resources to – at work, at home, and for yourself – you tap into the Feminine Super Power of INTENTION and FOCUS, instead of distraction, diminishing your energy and efforts. More of what matters gets done with more space, energy and time for you.


What the Retreat Includes

  • Daily physical and spiritual practices every morning – every morning you’ll immerse yourself into the power of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Chi Gung to find and experience the practices that work for your body, mind and spirit. We’ll clear fear, create calm, open up your intuitive channels, clear energy blocks, and re-vitalize your body’s natural energy flow. No previous yoga experience required. This is more than just a women’s yoga retreat, it’s a retreat with your feminine wisdom.
  • Daily wisdom teachings and wisdom circles with Christine and the other women (and also special guests) – based on the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine, earth based and yogic wisdom traditions, modified for our modern lives, we will have an intention and focus for each day that brings you more into alignment with your heart and soul, with your deeper intuitive knowing and wisdom. We will gather in circle led by Christine or co-led by Christine and her partner Noah, to share and deepen with Harmonizing wisdom such as:
  • Harmony in your Presence – the power of “Fierce Grace” – showing up as a powerful force in your work, relationships and life, that is confident, compassionate, wise in her authentic feminine strength.
  • Harmony in Relationship – creating intimate relationships that support both sovereignty and union, where both people can be empowered and supported.
  • Harmony in Giving & Receiving – upgrading your internal programming to stop overgiving, overworking, overdoing, overcompensating and as result draining your resources and energy and not getting what you need.
  • Harmony in Wealth – creating a life that is spiritually aligned and also provides for your material and physical well being.
  • Daily nutrious, nourishing food – Eat breakfast listening to the birds, enjoy a quiet lunch at midday and linger over dinner while watching the sunset. We know that good nutrition and well-balanced meals are an integral part of your wellness practice leading to a complete mind-body learning experience and overall health and well-being. Enjoy delicious gourmet meals tastefully prepared and artistically presented by some of the finest chefs in Mexico. All ingredients are fresh, natural, local and organic.
  • Comforting, cozy and refreshing cabanas to make your sanctuary for the week – Scattered across the beautiful tropical hillside, the cabañas have been hand-built of all natural materials and offer exceptional views of the ocean and jungle canopy. The cabañas house one, two or three women, and are situated to offer privacy and seclusion while still taking advantage of the spectacular views. They feature comfortable beds with hand woven sheets, gauzy sheer curtains to filter the sunlight and oil lamps and candles for softly lit evenings. Each cabaña has its own unique and individually designed private bathroom with hot water, monogrammed towels and an open air shower with a view. You may also choose to stay in the dorm. You will enjoy the same features of the cabañas but in a large open room with individual beds for each person, with a shared bath.
  • Access to and use of the beautiful grounds of Haramara – including an Infinity Pool overlooking the ocean, access to the Beach and a Wellness Center that offers sheer indulgence with a wide selection of services. Take advantage of the variety of massage styles – traditional Japanese, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Shiatsu, therapeutic, Thai and many more, as well as manicures, pedicures, body scrubs and restorative and Ayurvedic treatments (spa services are paid for seperately). Did someone say BODY LOVE?
  • Personal Individual Energy Clearing Session with Noah Martin includes – (this is optional): Trained in multiple healing modalities including shamanic healing arts, traditional Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy and a master’s degree is Spiritual Psychology, Noah Martin, Christine’s partner in life and love, will be on staff for individual sessions throughout the week.
  • Spaciousness!Beach, Pool, Massage, Shop, Surf, Paddleboard, Write, Be Still – you choose! There will be ample SPACE for you to be with YOU, to connect with yourself in whatever way that unfolds for you. You may decide to visit the beach every day. You may decide to embark on a paddleboard adventure, or try a surfing lesson (lessons and adventures paid separately). You may decide to nestle up with a book or your journal at the pool. Or hike around in the natural surroundings and soak up the prana. We will create the structure of the week so you can FEEL into what you most want and need when you get there. The Feminine Way!

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Claim Your Space Today –
and Set this Sacred Date for Yourself

Deposit of $500 when you register
saves your space

Dorm (women only)

Triple Room

Double Room


  • Week-long, all-inclusive retreat with Christine Arylo – including all teaching, yoga, and wisdom sessions
  • Accomodations for 7 nights at Haramara from March 25th - April 1st
  • Three meals per day, prepared for you
  • Related taxes and fees (gratituity for staff up to your discretion)
  • Payment plans available
  • Only 2 Spaces Still Available



    Can both men and women attend?
    At this time, the retreat is only for women. Why? Well because when women come together in sisterhood, shift happens. And while we do retreats and workshops for both men and women, and couples, there is something powerful about just being in sacred space with just women or just men. So this year, just women.


    How do I get to the retreat center?
    Haramara Retreat can easily be reached from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. There will be a shuttle available for you to take to and from the retreat center for $90 USD, from the airport to Haramara, and $65 USD, from Haramara to the airport.


    What if I have to cancel?
    Retreat deposits are non-refundable; in the event of cancellation made prior to January 28th your entire payment will be refunded less the $500 deposit. After January 28th, if you need to cancel, because we have already guaranteed your space, your payment is non-refundable, but you can choose to transfer your registration to another woman, or if we can fill the spot in your place we will give you a refund.


    What is the registration process?
    Once you make your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know that your space has been reserved. Yay! Put the date on your calendar. Our retreat director, Sarah Mardell, will reach out to you to finalize the details, including room choices, payment choices, and answer any questions you may have.


    Would you like to talk with us?
    We’d be happy to answer questions and explore if this is a great fit for you. Reach out to our retreat director Sarah Mardell at and put Harmonize Retreat in the subject line.

    About Our Sanctuary By The Sea –
    Haramara Retreat Center

    One of Mexico’s sacred places, Haramara, translates to “Mother Sea” in the native Huichol Indian language.

    Simply being at Haramara allows for deep renewal and peace. Designed with respect for the natural surroundings, each cabana is nestled into a beautiful hillside and the Yoga Pavilion is open air, with breathtaking views of the ocean. The chef-prepared food is astounding, nourishing and bountiful… and the entire site is surrounded by abundant wildlife and warm, nurturing energy. Come and enjoy this remarkable opportunity to retreat, shed a layer, tune inwards, and replenish with revitalizing yoga, feminine and earth based wisdom practices, and a great circle of women daring to live and lead a different way.

    Haramara is located 45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport, near the quaint town of Sayulita, in the spectacular Pacific coastal region known as Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

    “Coming to Haramara is like coming home. My body returns to the earth, my mind is mesmerized by the rhythms of the ocean and my spirit flies in this magical place. Haramara Retreat is where we can re-educate ourselves to live in balance.”


    What People Say About Working With Christine Arylo

    karin bauerChristine is like a personal trainer for catalyzing spiritual discovery, expansion, and manifestation. She has guided me to come into my own as a feminine leader and has given me practical tools to create my life from a place of wisdom, grounded intuition and passionate activism.

    Karin Bauer, MBA, Ph.D Angel Investor and Advisor

    claudine wooWhen I met Christine, I was torn between the life I knew, and the one I knew was possible, but had no idea how to create on my own. She provided the right combination of wisdom, kindness and catalytic energy to help me emerge with the life I truly desired.

    Claudine Woo, Startup Advisor, Storyteller, Scientist

    Gretchen I had been in the corporate world for so long that a lot of my thinking around success and leadership pulled from the “do more model” which led me to over-work and burn out. Christine taught me about the power and strength that comes from living in alignment and flow. She helped me see feminine leadership in a new light. If you want to grow, open your mind, deepen your spiritual connection, quiet the inner critic inside of you and live the wildly authentic life you were meant to live – then Christine is a powerful mentor.

    Gretchen Bladek, Technology Director at Google

    jenn todd The way Christine uses her intuition, spiritual connection and divine guidance, and presence is inspiring and amazing. Christine has taught me about the value and power of the feminine side of leadership and life. I honestly had no idea when I first started working with her that I had repressed that part of me so deeply. Working in corporate America for so long, moving up the ranks and then starting my own business, I only knew one way of succeeding. Now that I have cultivated the feminine side of leading, I work differently, I coach differently and leading is easier and so much more impactful.

    Jen Todd, CEO, Breakthrough Partners Inc. & Executive Director of the Women of Pokot

    What Women Say About Using the Wisdom +
    Practices they Learn in their Daily Lives

    quoteleftI have so much more awareness of how and why I burn out, and what restores my balance. I know my “stress personality” and have tools and techniques to help me get my life in balance, and care for my body, mind and spirit.

    My life is so much more balanced. I’ve learned to slow down, and to surrender to the Divine. And I have superpower tools! I love my new morning and evening rituals that support me to begin and end my days with grace.

    I am so much more connected to myself. I have tools and practices that empower me to recognize stress so much earlier, so I can reset quicker, whereas before I used to drag my stress out and let it overwhelm me.

    I used to be such an over giver and doer and now that I know my ‘“OVER” style, I have the trust and self-love to let my days flow. I take time when I need it. I start my morning not hitting the ground running. I am in balance instead of imbalanced.quoteright

    About Christine Arylo

    Spiritual Catalyst, Women’s Leadership Advisor,
    Yogini & Recovering Super Woman

    Christine Arylo is a transformational teacher, women’s leadership advisor and mentor, internationally recognized speaker and three-time best selling author who is a master at helping people transform and architect sustainable and supportive lives in which all part of themselves – professional, personal, physical and spiritual – thrive.

    Christine+Arlyo024-2427387205-O A kind of “modern day mystic” with an MBA from Kellogg, Arylo spent the first 10 years of her career marketing big brands for companies like the Gap, Visa and PepsiCo, and the last decade, teaching others how to apply powerful ancient wisdom to their modern fast-paced, overwhelming lives. For more than a decade she has been a catalyst, mentor, and leadership advisor for executives, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders around the world, guiding them to lead their lives, work, teams and families from their center of their authentic feminine presence.

    Over 35,000 people have participated in and benefited from the transformational programs, workshops & spiritual retreats she offers both virtually and in person around the world. She has appeared on CBS, NBC & FOX and on stages like TedX, and blogs regularly for the Huffington Post.Christine has trained extensively with master spiritual teachers in many traditions including the divine feminine, earth wisdom, metaphysics and ancient yogic teachings. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher specializing in cultivating Vitality and releasing Stress. Christine regularly hosts full moon salons, podcasts, retreats, and pilgrimages as a way to illuminate new elevated and expanded ways of living.

    You can tune into her weekly podcast, Feminine Power Time at

    Christine Arylo is also the founder of the Self-Love Foundation, a movement that has brought more self-love awareness and education to children,women and men in 41 countries around the world, across a wide spectrum of communities from sororities to prison systems to girl’s non profits to inner city schools to virtual concerts broadcast globally on Self Love Day, Feb 13th. She just completed a 3-year journey of living and working from around the world with her soul partner Noah, a dream they co-created together. Noah and Christine also work with couples to create sacred partnerships where both individuals thrive. They now reside in Valley of the Moon, Northern California Wine Country. You can learn more about Christine and her work at

    arylo grace under pressure quote care for self

    Taking sacred space for yourself to restore, recalibrate and refocus
    isn’t selfish, it’s one of the wisest acts you can take.

    Join us in Mexico at Spring Equinox for some Feminine Super Power!

    I look forward to sharing this ancient wisdom and these super power practices
    with you so that you will have them for the rest of your life.

    With heart,
    Christine Arylo


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