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Essence Sessions For Elevate Women - Christine Arylo


Sometimes having a person to be there just for you – to reflect, witness, catalyze, and guide you to see what you can’t see for yourself or to support you as you step into what’s calling your heart & soul forward – can make all the difference.

An Essence Session is…Revealing, claiming and naming your core soul essences so that you can more fully embody and express the full power
and energy of who you are. 

Preparing for your Essence Session: We will work together in a multi-step process to find a way to express the essences that already live inside of you, so that you can access more context and ability to use them in all of your endeavors, which amplifies your presence, harmonizes your work in the world, and makes it easier for people to see and feel you.

The process is one I love and that takes a few steps, but it’s a journey well worth it.

Here’s how it works:

1. You say yes I am ready to reveal, claim and name my essences – the universe takes note.

2. You do an essence survey – with yourself and with 5 people in your life that know you in different ways. I will send you the inquiries – they are short but revealing. And also send you a personal inquiry process that you do on yourself.

3. Once you have the results of the surveys you will send them to me and I’ll give you one more short but mighty step.

4. We will meet for your essence session, which usually lasts about an hour, but can go up to 75 minutes if necessary. After all of this wonderful work is done, the result of the session will be:

  • Your core four essences in words that you can easily embody and embrace and express.
  • Essence expressions you can give to anyone helping you.

5. After our session you will ‘live’ with these essences for a couple of weeks – trying them on, playing with them, and then you will revise the essences if needed, email them to me, and we will finalize them.

6. Optional – You will complete an essence mandala – based on your core four essences – a visual that you can use to evolve into who you are already becoming (often essences have some that are really already embodied and others that are still coming into form).  This mandala can be used to give to your designers, or anyone working to translate your presence into the physical form.

We will also use the essence and presence work we did together at the Elevate Feminine Leadership Retreat. 

That is the process! It’s fun and powerful. I do mine about every 3-4 years. Some stay – Spiritual Catalyst is one I have had since 2007. We are always evolving, and when I received Fairy Rockstar – boy did that give me some serious permission!!!  

Investment and Next Steps:

The investment for an Essence Session is normally $500, but since you attended the Elevate Retreat, you’ll receive special pricing for women currently working with me of one payment of $388 or two payments of $200.

You will also receive a special Essence Poem I will write for you. 

click here to sign up for a session

Once we’ve received payment, my team will reach out to get your scheduled on my calendar. Then we will send you the Inquiries you need to send to your 5 people and do yourself.

Give yourself a few weeks to complete the work. And then we can have our session!

These are intensive sessions for me, so I can only do so many in a given time.

I have between May 9th and June 27th open for these sessions.
And the sessions need to be booked by May 18th.


I would LOVE to deepen with you in this way.

With heart,


Christine Arylo Bio Headshot


“After my Essence Session with Christine, I feel much more connected to the areas in my life that really feed me ad are my true essences at this time. It helps to bring focus to my days and to my visioning and dreaming process and also to the ideas that I am incubating and hoping to birth soon. Having Christine’s deep insights and connection to the Divine brings in beautiful words and essences to work with.”

~ Kali Bell


“The Essence Session is like a map back home to your own self. It’s making me feel more confident in who I am and realize how much I was still hiding despite already removing many robes of oppression. This gave me permission to remove more and shine more brightly!”

Aglaée Jacob

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