Welcome to our Wisdom Session, A Different Way to Dream & Succeed.
Together, we will vision, plan & focus your year, the Feminine Wisdom Way.

Enclosed on this page you’ll find: 

    1. A Different Way to Dream Video + Audio – Christine walks you through the Wisdom Session
    2. Intuitive Inquiries + a Visual Thinking Dream Poster Inquiries from the session plus a Feminine Wisdom Template we use at the start of the year to connect with deeper wisdom and our true heart and soul desires.
    3. Details on The Feminine Wisdom Way + the Emerge Visioning Process – Live, Lead, Succeed the Way Women Work Best LOVE

ONE: Session Recording

You can press the arrows on the video to watch in full screen.

You can also listen to and download the audio-only version of the session here.


Also, I invite you to check out my new Feminine Power Time podcast episode!

 A Different Way to Start & Create Your Next Year, you can tune in here on my website, on iTunes, or on your Podcast app.


Also, if you enjoy the song we play at the beginning of the session, Existence, I invite you to check out a Spotify playlist I created. It has six potent songs to support you in standing in your Fierce Grace. Tune in here.

TWO: Intuitive Inquiries + Visual Thinking Template

Here are the inquires we asked during the Visualization during the session:

1. I would really love to focus my lifeforce, time & resources on…

2. What already has momentum that I can continue to grow & receive from is…

3. I would love to release pressure & create space for myself by…

4. I would love to explore…

5. I would feel deeply nourished by…

6. What I need most to receive is…


Choose your two Harmonizing Words. 

In 2022, I desire to feel…

If the Universe had a directive for me to keep coming home to, it would be…


Also, here’s a 2022 Dreaming Template Katherine Torrini created with some other ‘Wisdom Inquiries’
you can ask at the start of the year to connect with deeper wisdom and your true heart and soul desires.

There’s more of this in the 2022 EMERGE Visioning Book & Journal which all members of the Feminine Wisdom Way receive.

Download and print the PDF Poster here as a Feminine Wisdom Template




THREE: The Feminine Wisdom Way  Process

Learn, practice and apply feminine wisdom to your personal and professional life that empowers you to do things differently. The HOW we create sustainable success, stop the burnout cycles, and co-create a new world. Two levels of participation. Structure + Sisterhood = Super Power. Learn more below.

If you would love to learn a different way to work, create, and operate… to be successful in creating the impact you desire in the world, in creating the career/work that both lights you up and sustains you, and having a WHOLE LIFE as a woman – join us and learn the feminine wisdom way. It’s the way we women work best but were never taught in our traditional training or education.

When you harmonize your work, projects, relationships and life force with the natural cycles, everything gets into the flow. This isn’t just a program, it’s a structure, a base of deep wisdom made practical to your daily life and how we naturally grow our work in the world, our relationships, and stay healthy in body and spirit.

People often ask me, “How do I connect with my inner wisdom? How do I trust it? How do I make bold choices that are also wise?” This is the how.

There is a lot to say – so I put it into an invitation + video. Take a look and if your inner wisdom is even a maybe, join us!

Enrollment is now closed. It will reopen in the Spring after our FLOW Mid-Year Power Pause. To learn more and request the invitation, click below.


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