CMBW Weekend 2.20-2.21

One weekend all about YOU Creating the Happiest, Most
Loving & Supportive Relationships Of Your Life,
Starting with Yourself

Self-Love Weekend Retreat
Wine Country, California  February 20th-21st
With Christine Arylo & her soul partner, Noah Martin

The relationships – or lack of – in your life can either be the wind beneath your wings so you can fly… or will be the weights that keep you from living your greatest and best life. Most of us did not get the wisdom, tools or guidance we need to create a wealth of loving relationships that support us to soar – this weekend will show you how.

christine arylo never settle
Based on the best-selling book and the internationally recognized course, Choosing ME before WE is a transformational weekend experience for any person – single or in relationship – who wants to stop settling and sacrificing in their relationships, and who is ready to take a stand to have only loving, respectful relationships – and lots of them – that support their greatest life! We are talking about a vibrant love life – intimate partner, friends, soul family, relatives, tribe of sisters, supportive mentors and more.

Using the proven and powerful tools developed by self-love catalyst Christine Arylo and her soul partner Noah Martin, during this self love retreat you will open your heart to receive more love & support, rewire your faulty programming about love & relationships, and start experiencing the miracle of putting your most important relationship first – the one with yourself! – so that every other relationship in your life can be a source of love, support, and empowering growth.

And guess what?? This isn’t just some workshop with tons of people where you get lost in the crowd. We are inviting you to come to OUR HOME in beautiful California Wine Country to spend the weekend with us, opening up your heart, mind and body to what we consider the most valuable currency we have as humans – love.

We will spend the weekend together, you’ll be welcomed into an intimate circle of others women (only space for 13), and you will leave knowing how to:

  • Attract and create relationships that support you to live your dreams and be your best self – and learn how to let go of or transform ones that don’t, how to discern which of your current relationships have the potential to grow, and how to open up to new relationships coming in.
  • Stop making self-sabotaging choices and start making self-empowering, self-loving ones in all your relationships – reveal and rewire the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in making the same unsatisfying and sabotaging choices, and gain the freedom to make choices in your relationships that serve you first.
  • Discern who you can be vulnerable and intimate with, and who you can’t– not all relationships are created equally, and not everyone gets access to the inner parts of your heart. Using the 5 Love Rings, you will gain the power to put people in their right place in your life in ways that feel good to you, and that allow you to create great relationships that feed your soul.
  • Become wealthy in love so you can take risks, and live your best life  – increase your capacity for receiving love and create multiple streams of love, so you don’t rely on just a few relationships, and so that when it comes time to go for your big dreams, you have the circle of love you need around you to make big leaps of faith.
  • Feel loved and supported no matter what is going on in your love life or with anyone else – get real, practical tools to take your love power back – your power to get the love you need in ways that are healthy and make you happy.
  • Vision and call in the relationships you desire to bring into your life – sisterhood, soul family, soul partners – deep soulful relationships don’t just happen, they require intention and an open heart. You’ll tap into the “law of co-creation” (beyond the law of attraction) to see how you are repelling what you desire, and get clear on how to call in what you desire.
  • Make loving yourself within your relationships a reality, not just a nice theory. You know that when you love yourself, you become an instant attractor for more love but how do you really do that? Learn where you are weak and strong in self love. And receive and take the 5 self-love vows needed to have unconditionally loving relationships.

Respect Yourself by Choosing Relationships that Honor Your Soul

What Can You Expect from the Self Love Retreat Experience?

An intimate, interactive weekend with Christine, her soul partner Noah Martin and a small circle of amazing, powerful women… where we go deep… and have fun… and open up your heart to receive the love, support, and tribe you need to soar.

We can’t wait to share some of our most potent and powerful tools including the:

  • Love Imprint – identify your subconscious misunderstandings about love, where they came from and what the truth about love really is. You will choose and shift your internal love imprint so your external reality shifts too.
  • Love Cracks – the ways you protect yourself and act from fear that are lurking under the surface, and as a result blocking love and support. You will be able to articulate these places inside your heart in ways you never have before, so what was once unconscious reaction becomes conscious action in all your relationships.
  • Love Rings – the five levels of intimacy that gift you such power to see and apply the right levels of vulnerability and intimacy in all of your relationships. You’ll see in an entirely new way, and see clearly what relationships can grow, which to let go, and where you need more support – without guilt or doubt (this is life changing!)
  • Multiple Streams of Love & Love Wealth Inventory – learn how to source love from the “trinity of love” so you never have to feel lonely or unsupported or make bad choices because you are love starved or afraid of losing love. You will be able to source love whenever you need it and as a result make better choices for you – in work, in relationship, in all ways!
  • Self-Love & Sovereignty Promises  – make the commitments you need to stay true to yourself. There are actual self love promises one needs to make with themselves in order to make sure you don’t give yourself away in friendships, intimate relationships, family, work – and you will take them this weekend.

Christine Arylo and Noah Martin

PLUS… we are going to give you extra support before and after the self love retreat  – so you can make shift that sticks and you can put all you learn and experience into action

Many times after attending one of these heart and spirit opening experiences, you go back into your life, and while you have changed, not everyone else has! We’ve got your back!! You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a community of people dedicated to their self-love promise all year long – to make sure integration is full of grace and ease, and so you can keep moving forward using the power of all the self-love and spiritual mojo we created together. In addition to our weekend together, you will also receive

  • A personal 1:1 integration coaching session with Noah Martin after the retreat – so as you have a personal touch point post retreat to make sure you don’t get swallowed back into sabotaging habits or relationships that don’t honor you. You will have a personal one hour session with Noah post retreat to help you navigate any challenges that arise and to help you stay committed to yourself.
  • An autographed copy of Choosing ME before WE the book mailed to your doorstep before the retreat – what we share in the retreat has never been put into a book, but the Choosing ME before WE book is a great foundation for the work we will do together, so we will send it to you and you can read it and get your love pump primed before hand. Even if you have already read the book, this will be a great refresher.
  • Access to the Choosing ME Before We Expert Conversations on Love, Friendship, Dating & Partnership – we’ve gathered together some of the wisest people we know who have lived love for real and have broken through old paradigms around all types of relationships.  We talked with them, got real, and asked them to share some of their best tools on love and relationships – you will get access to this full library before the retreat so you can soak in all this wisdom and be ready and rearing to expand and deepen when we meet.

Wine Country Home

This is a VERY intimate and exclusive retreat, which we are hosting from our special wine country home & sanctuary, with space for only 13 women, so don’t delay, your adventure begins the minute you register.

What’s Included in this Self Love Retreat?

  • 2 days in a loving, fun and transformative space – totally focused on YOU – receiving the best tools we have on creating love and relationships, shared in our home, which we love to call the sanctuary of sacred union – sacred union of the self, union with the divine and union with others.
  • Guidance, teaching and love from me, Christine Arylo and the man who taught me just about everything I know about love and relationships, Noah Martin  – including a special ‘Love & Happiness Hour’ on Saturday with us where you can sip on vino or pelligrino and ask any question you want about love & relationships to us.
  • A Self-Love Commitment Ceremony on Sunday afternoon – where you get to commit to staying true to yourself, no matter what, and feel what it is like to know that if you commit to yourself first, all relationships that support that will rise up.
  • Full color 20+ page “Love-book” with worksheets at the retreat + an autographed copy of Choosing Me Before We – at the retreat you will receive an illustrated and hand drawn book including journal pages and worksheets from Christine Arylo (not published anywhere else). And before the retreat, we will send you a signed copy of the best selling book, Choosing ME before We. 
  • Yummy lunches – on Sunday for good body love we will have a LOVE FEAST together. Saturday you will be able to walk to lunch at one of the yummy places nearby.
  • Super powered Post Retreat Support with a 1:1 Session – yep, you get a personal 1:1 Session with the man who taught me so much about love, has supported me to navigate my relationships with friends, family and coworkers – the one and only Noah Martin.

Financial investment

$490 per person  – paid in 1 Payment / 2-pay option of $250

(This includes everything listed above – retreat, supplies, yummy snacks both days, Sunday Love Lunch, Love Hour Saturday Night, Post-Retreat love with Noah. Lodging, meals other than Sunday lunch, and transportation are separate. We will provide you with a range of options for places to stay from economy to luxury and options in between.)

What if I have to cancel after I book?

All bookings are final – as we mentioned space is limited to 13 people. But you can transfer your spot to someone else or if you have to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances, you can transfer your registration to another program.

Have Questions?

Email our Retreat Director, Sarah Mardell at Sarah  – she’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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To claim your space for this powerful, love-filled and fun weekend, register now.

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What Past Participants Have Said

hands in circle

I walked away with a newfound self-respect and a wake up call to who I am and what I am entitled to in my life. It was hard to accept that I was the enabler in the relationship and that I allowed my self-respect to take the back burner in order to hold on to a love that wasn’t really there. I learned where I was weak, why I refused to hold myself to a higher standard and the fear that kept me there for 17 years. I know this has been the catalyst I needed to start really loving myself. I have done a lot of self-help in the past months and this is the only one that hit the nail on the head! Thanks Christine, I don’t feel so alone anymore!”
– Patricia

You have opened me up, and given me tools that I can return to time and again. Bundles of gratitude to Christine for this course and this journey. You have created an opportunity for me that has had a powerful impact on my life. You have shown the way out of the desert of love into a rich garden full of love (and because I know the way, I can find my way back should I ever find myself in need).”
– Katherine, Phoenix AZ

This weekend touched a part of my heart that has been closed a long time. It literally opened up my heart.
Choosing ME before We Weekend Participant

Christine’s energy is contagious! She inspired such love that by the end of the weekend we went from being a group of strangers to a circle of friends.
– Choosing ME before We Weekend Participant

This experience made feel more loved, more compassionate for myself and more strong in my commitments to myself!
Choosing ME before WeWeekend Participant

Christine’s insights into the issues of dating and mating are rock solid, and incredibly empowering and inspiring. Her courage, warmth, and strength shine through, it’s like having the calming voice of your very best friend with you.”
– Paula

About Christine Arylo

Spiritual Catalyst, Best-Selling Author, affectionately known as the Queen of Self Love

Christine AryloChristine Arylo, MBA, writer, coach and speaker, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches people how to put their most important relationship first – the one with themselves. She is a sought out media expert, self-love advocate and transformational speaker, having appeared on E!, CBS, ABC, and FOX as well as radio shows, spas, conferences and stages around the world including TedX.

The author of three best-selling self-love books including the go-to book on love & relationships, Choosing ME before WE, the handbook of self-love, Madly in Love with ME, The Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl, Arylo is affectionately known by her fans, followers and peers as the “Queen of Self-Love” for her relentless dedication to education and transformation based on self-love.

In 2006, Arylo founded the Madly in Love with ME™ Foundation, which sponsors the international self-love movement dedicated to raising awareness of self-love and making it a tangible and practical reality for people around the world, including the official Day of Self-Love on February 13th – put it on your calendar. To learn more about Christine and receive the free Self-Love Kit, go to

With Noah Martin

Relationship Guide & Good Man

Noah MartinNoah Martin is a master at helping people see and release the invisible barriers they create to keep them from the love, friendship and intimacy they signed up for. The co-creator of the entertaining and educational Sacred Partnership programs, Noah along with his partner in life and business Christine Arylo, has been featured on ABC-TV and on stages and workshops across the country, teaching others how to create sacred partnerships that honor both individual sovereignty and the power of the union of two people committed and in connection,

Noah’s non-traditional training — he has a powerful tool box including Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Mystical Shamanism – coupled with his more traditional experience – as a trained relationship coach and successful navigator and creator of a 10-year marriage that gets better every day — makes him a valuable ally for any man or woman wanting both love and happiness from their romantic relationships. Noah believes that love is our most natural state, we don’t have to learn to love, we have to learn how to deal in love with all the other “stuff.”

CHOOSE yourself.
Gift yourself with this act of self-love.
See you on February 20th in Wine Country!
Xoxo Christine & Noah

Respect and Unconditional Love

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