Take Care of Your Heart: Self-Love Practices for Staying Centered, Calm & Connected #116

Take Care of Your Heart Self Love Practices for Staying Centered, Calm and Connected Feminine Power Time Episode #116 Take care of your heart. I just had to do this Feminine Power Time for us [...]


Self Love: Are We Missing It?

What is self love, really? And how do you know if a lack of self love is at the root of what you  & those you love are struggling with? Every year at this time for the past 11 years since I [...]


My Self-Care Saviour – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom That Saves Me From Burnout Everyday

Feed the Feminine First – The Super Power Self Care Practice + Feminine Wisdom that Saves Me From Burnout Everyday I am a big fan of taking care of yourself. I love that we finally live in [...]


You are Doing Enough – feel it and believe it

You are doing enough – feel it and believe it – tune into Feminine Power Time Hi Love! I poured us a glass of vino and pelligrino (take your pick) for this episode of Feminine Power [...]


12 Signs of Weak Self Love

Watch this video I made for you to help you discover the ways in which a weak self-love might be affecting your relationships, health, wealth, and happiness. Most of us were never taught this [...]


Does Your To DO List Stress You Out? Make More Space For You and Thrive

Watch this video and use this self-love practice to create more space for yourself in your life and thrive – by taking back YOUR power over your to do list. Super woman to super wo/man [...]

Do I Really Have to Get Sick To Relax?

My whole life for as long as I can remember I have had a deep and primal internal drive whose job it has been to propel me forward… into the next job, house, or project. This drive was like [...]


The 7 Blocks to Receiving Peace, Love & Happiness

On June 22nd, I along with hundreds of women started on a 40-day virtual retreat called the Summer of Self Love… our mission? To take the pressure of having to do, be and have it all [...]


I Traded In My Breakfast Sausage for a Shake

I’ve never been a big breakfast person, but over the years I developed certain A.M. habits that seem to fit my sensibility and my body needs, or so I thought. The whole-wheat bagel with [...]


OMG! I’ve Been Scheduling My Body Out of My Life!

Only a week into the My Body is My Temple self-love practice I’ve come upon the most disturbing realization…. I’ve been scheduling my body out of my life for years. No wonder I [...]

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