The Impatience Cure: Stop Pressuring Yourself to Be Where You Aren’t & Be Successful Now

Sometimes I feel like I am a card carrying member of the “Impatience Club,” how about you?  If you too can suffer from the dreaded disease of impatience, than this week’s [...]


New Moon Power Pause – Focus Your Life Force On What Matters

New Moon Power Pause – Focus Your Life Force on What Matters. Yesterday we started a new moon cycle, which is like a super power “reset” in the feminine. It’s a time to [...]


Divine Self-Love Spark: What Inside of You Needs More Space to Express?

A DIVINE SPARK FOR YOUR HEART – a comet of self-love light to guide you to a deeper connection to your own soul’s truth, sent right from the heart of Umbria, Italy, from my heart to yours. 5 [...]