Episode 73: Dream Partnerships: Creating Relationships in Which Both People Thrive

Feminine Power Time Episode #73: Dream Partnerships: Creating Relationships in Which Both People Thrive What do I mean when I say Dream Partnership? Couples who dream together thrive together. [...]


Self Love & Relationship Series: Transform Relationship Heartbreak and Challenge into Your Personal Catalyst

Transforming Relationship Heartbreak & Challenges into Self Empowerment & Personal Catalysts #2 of 3 in this Series on Self Love & Relationships Feminine Power Time with Christine [...]


Why Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships: Stop Settling, Sacrificing and Sabotaging Yourself for Love

Why Do Smart Women Choose Bad Relationships? Stop Settling and Self-Sacrificing Yourself for Love Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo   I have met so many smart women who choose bad [...]


Men & Women In Partnership – What is Up?

Men & Women In Partnership: What is Up? Role Fatigue, Power Struggles, & Finding a New Dynamic that Works for Both… let’s dive into this… On the eve of my 12th wedding [...]


Are You Blocking Love? And keeping yourself from the support and connection you crave?

LOVE BLOCKS: Are you blocking love – the support, connection and intimacy you crave, and need? “No matter how strong, successful or self sufficient you are, we all NEED love. [...]


Feminine Power & Relationships: Fight with Grace Not Fear

How do we show up in our power AND keep an open heart when we are mad, hurt, disappointed or in conflict with another person? What does Feminine Power look like when you want to scream, blame, or [...]


3 Rules of LOVE — Make sure you attract more love, not less, into your life.

As a culture and as human beings, we spend just about as much time talking about and thinking about our relationships, and our relationship status as we do about how we are going to pay our bills [...]


When Love Isn’t Enough: 3 Rules of a Good Breakup

Drama. Deceit. Devastation. It’s not just reality TV, it’s the reality that most of us experience when we end a relationship, because we don’t and won’t leave our men [...]


5 Ways to Fix A Man

“I can fix him.” “He will change for me.” “Just give him some time, he’ll come around.” “When we get married, move in together, have kids he will [...]


Forgiving ME Can Be the Hardest of All

Notes from the Self-Love Train… Inspiration From My Portland Trip This past Sunday I spent four hours with 12 women in Portland, Oregon — the first ever Choosing ME before WE Book [...]

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