Goodbye Over Self-Reliance … It’s time for a New Day & Way

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Goodbye Over Self-Reliance … It’s time for a New Day & Way
(#1 of 3 in From Burnout to Balance Series)

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I a person who suffers from over self-reliance?” Most of us don’t know to ask this question because we are never taught that there is such a thing as over self-reliance, nor how harmful it is and how much it’s at cause for much of the burnout, lack of wellbeing and stress we carry.

Consider this: Self esteem, self confidence, ability to take care of oneself, sovereignty, self sufficient … these are all good things to possess and embody. Monikers of internal strength. However, when one thing become over-used or valued, or the other side of the spectrum isn’t present, things get out of whack, our lives and bodies become imbalanced, and we get stuck in situations and chronic challenges that keep us in survival or stress mode.

We have become so self-sufficient as self-empowered humans that we have become overly self-reliant.

Most people I encounter suffer from this invisible dis-ease of Over Self Reliance, we feel it but don’t have the words to see it, and therefore transform it.

We become so used to doing whatever needs doing, we don’t pause to consider what help we need to do it. We don’t consider if we don’t have the resources we need, maybe we shouldn’t take it on. We’ve grown so accoustomed to fight for what we need or just barely scrape by that we’ve gotten used to making do and doing more ourselves.

And honestly, there have been many times you and I have needed support or help, and it just wasn’t there. That has been our shared reality. Yet, we are each being invited to shake off the over self-reliance to find a more balanced exchange … even if we cannot see how that is possible, yet.

Ask yourself: Where may I be operating from over self-reliance? One I may have needed before, but that now, at this phase in my reality, is not serving me?

WISDOM: Where you are OVER self-reliant, you are also UNDER supported, UNDER cared for and UNDER connected.

Today we kick off a series I’ve named From Burnout to Balance ... to illuminate the invisible ways we are operating like banks giving more withdrawls than receiving deposits, resulting in imbalances that lead to undue suffering, struggle, and sacrifice.

We start with Ep 233: Goodbye OVER Self-Reliance where we dive into: 

  • How Over-Self Reliance manifests – once you name it you gain the power to shift i
  • Acknoweldging the truth of the over self-reliance and why it’s been real for you 
  • Opening up to doing things differently going forward – and rebalance.

I will also walk you through inquiries to get clear on where over self-reliance is impacting you. Together we can all release this generational pattern and find the new ways to create relationships and realities that by nature create harmony and balance. So your radiance, briliance and light is supported for many years to come.

See you there,

P.S.->> Request – Share this podcast with one person and then connect and share where the OVER Self Reliance is, what the cost has been, and what it’s time to do differently. 



Goodbye OVER Self-Reliance
#1 of 3 in From Burnout to Balance Series 

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Wisdom Inquiries

  1. What do i need, desire and require this year?
  2. What is my part going forward – professionally in my career? Personally in my family/community?
  3. What is NOT my part?


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