The Year End Honoring Ritual

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Feminine Power Time: The Year End Honoring Ritual

The Year End Honoring Ritual is a practice I do at the end of the year multiple times – for myself, with my partner, with the people I work with 1:1, with groups, teams and with many of  my friends and colleagues. It’s one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and others … that keeps giving the rest of the year.

Consider this: In a year where we spend 8,720 hours doing, giving, working, caring, creating, mentoring (and sleeping) … and so much more … to  not create space to reflect on all we have done and who we have become, as well as recognize (and honor) our impact, growth & progress, would be just plain crazy 🙂

Plus honoring feels great!

The energy and act of “Honoring” is one of the most powerful things we have access to, but that we often under use.

Honoring is a form a love. It melts away the heavy feels, the judgements of not enough, the pressure to do more. It turns struggle into comfort and possibility.

I invoke the super power of honor every year at this time because I continue to see the power it has to open our hearts, lighten us up, fill us up and give us a way to start the next cycle radiant & clear, rooted in our enoughness.

We think of honor as something someone else has to give to us – when in reality we have the power to bestow honor upon ourselves, in a healthy way, with humility and dignity.

There is so much to say about honor and what a super power it is.

In this episode of Feminine Power Time – 229: The Year End Honoring Ritual – I’ll walk you through this honoring ritual so you can really FEEL the honor, shining a light in these three areas::

  • INVISIBLE: the things you can’t measure but have made a signficiant difference, especially all the internal shift and growth, and the things you do that can go unseen but matter alot
  • IMPACT ON PEOPLE & PLANET – how your presence and care has made a difference in real people’s lives and the frequency of the planet
  • INCREMENTAL PROGRESS – celebrating how projects, goals, dreams, reality shifts are more in form today

I so love this practice! May it bring you peace, possibility and power.



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