Align Your Work with Your Wellbeing

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Feminine Power Time:
Align Your Work with Your Wellbeing
(#2 of 3 in the Align to Your Design Series)

Have you ever considered how the work you do and the way you work could be different IF you & all people put your WELLBEING at the center? 

Imagine if our culture embraced that all humans are designed differently, which means what supports our wellbeing – mind, body, heart, spirit – will be different. Therefore, the way we work, and the environments we work within need to be flexible, fluid and responsive to the different kinds of work styles required to empower and enable diverse humans to thrive.

Imagine a world in which we defined work not just by what we did to receive money, but all the ways in which we give our energy, care, time to a system, including care-giving & creative expression, as well as the jobs & roles we play within organizations and professions.

Then remember this: You and I have the power to co-create culture.

Culture is defined as: the total range of activities and ideas of a group of people with shared traditions, which are transmitted and reinforced by members of the group. The root of the word culture means to “cultivate a place” or “to till a place.” Like a field.

Our power starts with choosing to intentionally cultivate the culture of our individual place/reality. Then the family/relational systems we live in. Then the team ecosystem we work in. Then the organizational, community & social ecosystems we swim in.

Consider this: Rather than wait for the big ecosystem to shift to creating a culture who builds how we work based on what we need as humans to cultivate and maintain a strong foundation of wellbeing… we can embrace our power of “harmonic defiance” and make small shifts that lead to bigger shifts to bring how we work and where we work into alignment with all realms of our wellbeing.

As Glinda the Good Witch says to Dorothy “You had the power within you all along!” My role is illuiminating where that personal power is. Tune into #2 of 3 in our series: Align to Your Design. Episode #218: Align Your Work with Your Wellbeing,

We’ll explore these 3 realms to illuminate the way you are designed to work best, liberate you from what doesn’t align, and then begin to take small but significant steps to bring your reality into alignment with your design now:

  1. Rhythm   
  2. Roles
  3. Radiance 

We’ll also explore and illuminate what must be present for you in the environments you work within in order for you to truly thrive. It’s like being an orca in the ocean … what needs to be true about the environment, other creatures, & your part in where and how you work going forward?

See you there!


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Align Your Work with Your Wellbeing

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  1. CONVERSATION ON THE FEMININE WISDOM CAFE: What would you love to be true by next year? Share and be inspired here.
  2. RESOURCE:  OVERWHELMED & OVER IT BOOK Page 265 (weekly rhythm) and 279 (harmonic defiance)

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  1. Rhythm – What is the weekly rhythm that best supports your wellbeing? What’s the starting and ending pace? Where are the breaths? Where is the space to connect with your heart & spirit?
  2. Role – What roles align for you? Which chafe you? Employee. Entrepreneur. Solo Consultant/Contributor/Craftsperson/Caregiver.  Collaborative Consultant/Contributor/Craftsperson/Caregiver.
  3. Radiance – Look for your heart & soul gold – when present in your work and work environment, role and pace really support you and nourish you – keep your Radiance strong. When not present, drain your Radiance.
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