7th Anniversary Milestone: What We’ve Created & Where We’re Going From Here

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Feminine Power Time:
7th Anniversary Milestone: What We’ve Created & Where We’re Going From Here

It’s hard to believe that today I can share with all of you that this month marks the 7th year anniversary of Feminine Power Time, and since I believe in living by the wisdom, perspectives and practices I share and we work with here, I invite you to join me for the kind of pause that would do us all (and the world) so much good…

One: Pausing to Savor what we create. Acknowledge what is already here. Which in our case is a still very relevant Wisdom Library on topics ranging from self-love to sacred work & careers to intuition & making wise choices to feminine super powers & liberating ourselves from burnout to redefining success & embracing our power of harmonic defiance, and so much more.

I’m curious for you… what milestone are you moving through right now? Something you could pause and savor and acknowledge, even if it’s not ‘done’?

Two: Pausing to consider what’s needed & what we desire to do with the creations we’ve given our energy to. Find the wisdom for how we grow through momentum, using the principles of Cyclical Living & Co-Creative Pathing. In our case, how can Feminine Power Time serve you, me and the world in this next year (it’s 8th year).

Tune in with me for this special episode of Feminine Power Time: The 7th Anniversary Milestone: What We’ve Created & Where We Go From Here.

You will notice Feminine Power Time has received:

  • an elevation & expansion in her external expression to match the internal frequency of the depth, breadth and energy we cultivate here  – ie. check out the new podcast website, logo and banner branding, www.FemininePowerTime.com
  • a Series Library – so you can access the episodes within a particular topic or share a topic with someone in an easy way vs. having to go through all 253+ episdoes
  • the Full Library – access to all episodes + my blogs searchable by date and topics

Four parts to our conversation & exploration that will provide the focus and format for the next year:

One: I’ll share how I am using the wisdom for sustainable success and growing our projects & missions & desires through momentum with Feminine Power Time now and the next – and how you can use this for your own creations & desires:

    • Releasing Procrastination, perfection, plans + embracing the path and co-creative practice
    • Cyclical 10 Count – natural growth cycles of 10 years
    • Creating from momentum to rise into radiance vs stay stuck in status quo or blow  it all up

Two: Theme for our 8th year – Rooted and Rising in our Radiance

Three: Foundation and Focus Going Forward 

  1. Centerpoint – Re-Imagining the Way We and the World Work … changing what we mean by “work” and how we work as individuals, collective, systems, society, and embracing our co-create power to Re-imagine, Re-design & Re-create.
  2. 6 Parts, that make up the harmony star that creates this space for us
  • Feminine Power
  • Time
  • Turn off the Chatter Tune into what matters.
  • Wisdom
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing

Four: What I heard from the Survey. At 56 minutes; Share short summary the results of the recent survey + the structure for the next cycle. 

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. And thank you to each one of you who has engaged here me in this intentional space I call Feminine Power Time.

I created this as “intentional space” for us to step outside of the crazy chaos of the world and the hectic pace of our lives… so we can tune in to what is real, right and true.

There is so much interference and information out there creating pressure, confusion, anxiety, frustration inside our heads & hearts… driving us to make choices, big & small, that are often not aligned or sustainable.

This is why we really do need places that operate at an elevated frequency. Feminine Power Time is such a place. It’s more than a podcast. It’s space created for you, and all those daring to do things differently.

Look forward to this next cycle of our journey together.


P.S. Share this episode with one person – one who you’d like to create a closer relationship with or someone you think it would support.  Share through the podcast app, share my wisdom letter or send them to www.FemininePowerTime.com

Together, we rise into our radiance, rooted in our design, our relationships and the world we know is possible.


7th Anniversary Milestone: What We’ve Created & Where We’re Going From Here

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1. Overwhelmed and Over It Book – Chapter 1 – www.OverwhelmedandOverIt.com


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