Feminine Wisdom Session (Virtual – Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022): Perspectives + Practices for Staying Centered + Clear Now & in the Months Ahead

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Join us on Sunday, Nov 6th for our 7th annual November Feminine Wisdom Session: Perspectives + Practices for Staying Centered + Clear Now & in the Months Ahead. 

It’s intense out there. Easy to get overwhelmed. Caught up in the swirl. Or become distracted from your path, purpose and what matters most. And then fragment your energy, resources and time.

3 wisdom perspectives + 3 practices + 3 inquiries

So you can stay focused on what matters, keep your radiance & life force strong, rise to meet both the challenges & opportunities and stay sustained & connected … even as the world does what it does.

In this session we’ll dive into:

  • Where are we/you now? Take a pause to see and name the cycles we are in collectively and you are in individually. What are we/you completing? What is beginning? Long cycle + short cycle.
  • What do we/you know & what’s in the mystery?  Apply the Feminine Super Power of Crazy Wisdom to find certainty in the uncertainty, and receive a courage + clarity boost.
  • Where is the resistance to elevate – within you, and the collective? Name the fear, doubt and conditioning, release distorted imprints, embrace your internal power, and allow your wisdom for your path now and forward to emerge.
  • How do we/you go from here – short cycle + mid cycle + long cycle? We’ll share some larger wisdom-based teachings that will support you to break down decisions + changes into smaller cycles, and stay focused on longer term desires, in do-able, energizing time spans.
  • What are the potential traps, pitfalls and obstacles that could drain or distract you? We will give voice to the un-obvious and obvious in a way that allows us to rise to meet them, or go around them vs. drain and distract our energy by fighting (or avoiding) them.
  • What are the structures + practices you can put in place to stay centered, sustained + elevating in these next 6 months, to support you into 2023 and beyond?

Get the full invitation here: www.femininewisdomsession.com.

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