EMERGE 2023 (starts Dec/Jan): Visioning, Focusing & Intention Setting 4-Week Co-Creative Experience

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Instead of making pressure-filled resolutions and goals, racing into 2023, or feeling too overwhelmed to get focused for the year ahead, be guided through a structure that feels both empowering + enjoyable, and sets you up to achieve, succeed and receive what you need, professionally & personally.

Our EMERGE process gives you the space to both REFLECT on how much you have done and become this past year, which gives you a boost to start the new year. DREAM beyond the practical to tap into the possibility. And then get clear and focused on what really matters for 2023. We’ll give you simple creative processes that’ll be enlightening & restorative. Ahhh… intentional space + creative structure!

Get the full invitation and RSVP here: www.emergevisioning.com.

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