Wisdom for Intense Times: The Triangle of Sacred Transformation

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The Triangle of Sacred Transformation:
Wisdom + Structure for Navigating Our Intense Times

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(Note: The Resources I talk about in the video are listed in the bottom of the post)

I am happy to be able to share with you that as of last week, I just finished my FINAL book edits on Overwhelmed and Over It – which I’ve been working on for three years. Even though this is my fourth published book, I seem to always forget just how long the writing and editing process is. Or how much space it takes up.

The summer was a time of re-focus and re-setting with the yearly mid year Power Pause – which I gave myself and others weeks of space to go through.

We’ve been…

Re-rooting into a changed landscape …

Getting clear on what to release and what to preserve…

And REALLY listening deeply to what our part is to do personally, and what our part is to do socially and systemically.

We can’t do it all. We can’t take it all on. We have to be clear about OUR part to play, or else we will burn out or get burned up or buried in the cray cray swirling all around.

The journey ahead is not a sprint. It’s like Bilbo’s grand Hobbit adventure – full of uncertainty AND possibility.

I call this sacred transformation.

Sacred transformation is the act of committing to transforming personally and collectively, in ways that respect instead of violate the planet or the people, and so liberate and elevate us all, creating new realities rooted in wholeness, wellness, and sustainability.

Change is happening. But if you are not consciously working with the change it’s too easy to get tweaked out or turned around.

This is where I send you this wisdom letter from today, which includes the video above with a wisdom teaching on:

  1.  One aspect of Sacred Transformation – the Triangle of Transformation – which will help you see the 3 levels of transformation that are happening within you right now. (which is why it can feel so intense).
  2. How to think about the next quarter of the year and what you need to stay stable and sustained. 

The last video I sent you was in March right before the big shift … and I pressed pause, because I had to, to stay sustained myself.

Now, the space is here. I have the space now.

My intention is to monthly send and post a Wisdom for Intense Times video with a single teaching + announcements on what structure, support, retreats, trainings and community I’m being guided to create and offer – so if you want to go deeper you know it’s here.

Here’s what’s coming for Fall 2020.  Plus links to the classes I mentioned on the video.

Together, connected, each doing our part, we rise.

Tune into the video – from my heart to yours. And I’m here when and if you are ready to go deeper.

Structure, Support, Sisterhood –
Mentorship, Trainings, Retreats, Classes and More

1:1 Transformational Mentorship – Harmonize to Rise – Starts Aug/Sept
5 spaces open for fall/winter 2020.
Click here – www.HarmonizeandRise.com 



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Save the Date

  • October 6th – Overwhelmed and Over It Book Release into the World! Be part of the great 88 who Doula this into the World!
  • November 13-15th – Sacred Rebel. Sacred Work. Wisdom Quest 2020. Do it from home – we provide the structure + sisterhood.
  • December 2020 – Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils Begin – For women change agents here to Re-Imagine and Re-Design the Way We & The World Works
  • January 2021 – Feminine Wisdom Way Emerge Visioning 4-week Experience 

Sacred Transformation – Resources to Learn More

  • The Sacred Transformation Wisdom Session – Creating a Path for Sustainability and Stability As We Shift – click here to access. 
  • Sacred Transformation 3-part Podcast Series on Feminine Power Time – Episodes 126-128. Get on ITUNES Here. On the Blog Here. Or Get on Your Podcast App.
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  • Mai Husein

    I really loved being in connection with you
    I’m so excited as I needed to hear this from the bottom of my heart and simply found it in my inbox
    Love to benefit from your program
    Need to know how to make it

    • Christine

      Thank you beauty for sharing! I am so glad it touched your heart and we will find the best way to support you. Much love!

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